What after embedded videos…

Posted on October 26, 2006. Filed under: web services, Web Technology |

I was thinking and was explaining about all this vlogging phenomenon to someone very close to me. She only asked me one question, What next?
Bhum… Haisha, haisha, my excitement, my enthusiasm, all fell down.
But, yes her question was very logical indeed. What next… We have got nearly 10 clones of You Tube, and there is lot of egarbage over there and might remain there till eternity. But by now I have started feeling a kind of a trend. We had many generic video host and now we will have specific video hosts. My SPcae is trying it in a very different way, they are bringing in competetions. Though I hav forgot the names but ther are also few talent hunt kind of video hosts. And there soon will be all comedy centric, all horror centric kind of not so You Tube clones.
But even that will ammount to same strata development, what about meta-vlogging. Google most probably will integrate ads with videos, sooner or later, thats what I think. But that all is not something meta, its that nobody except Google had any power similar to what Ad-Sense provided it, and nobody had the vision for  You Tube.  So be it…  they in any case wont be helping me in my assingnments.
But the question( though I have thought of few answers) still stand, What next.

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