Tezaa… An Indian opinion attempt.

Posted on October 27, 2006. Filed under: web services, Web Technology |

A very nice attemt by an Indian group of, its a niche product, and can just have a cult following, very much like 43things(including its brother and sisters). I feel when you are in web2.0 group, which Tezaa indeed is, then two things matter like two sleeves, looks and content. I think Tezaa scores on both point. Lookwise its calm and not sense pushig.
It can surely have cult following.
They also have a code that can be put on blogs and sites(but not on MySpace, as it does not support javascript-they should look into this).
I would like if they remain dynamic(they have recently changed their look).
I would love to see tag cloud on front page. They shoud try to make it addictive, it might require some heavy coding but I mean to say is that their consecutive pols are not at all linked. I believe that people will hook more if they get a kind of a chain of polls. They are not having any expiry for polls, it means that they will have zillions of polls, but how would I know that there is a poll on nuclear science, it might not showup in their tag cloud as tagclouds support limited number of options. For that I think they should just put some catteogries field.
And yes one last question which I would like their makers to really think about… How are they going to keep it running. I saw no ads, not even google text ads… Hmm… and I think they can have a successfull revenue generating model.
By the way as an end user I am hooked to it.
My advice >>> Go check it.


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