PS3 is too powerfull, that is why I won’t buy it.

Posted on December 30, 2006. Filed under: gaming, Technology |

Mr Phil Harrison, a SONY executive says that, developers are not using even half of PS3 muscles. This certainly means that he want us to believe that PS3is very powerful and will give us out of world gaming experience. But if that is so then I wont buy it, why should I pay some 600$, and get something which is not up to the mark, whatever the reasons may be. Why should I spend high sum on a piece of technology which is way advance from its time, I would prefer buying technology which is very much of present time, so that I can enjoy it to fullest. Gaming industry is growing leaps and bounds and will continuously do so, weather it be console based or be computer based. I have always said that in this war only that product will win who provides better convergence. And here I think that Microsoft is having a clear advantage. But they never get things right in first stroke, so this gives other some catching up time.
Lets come back to the Sony PS3 power…
The so called paranormal potential of the PS3’s architecture is in direct comparison with Xbox 360 as both are powered by 3.2 GHz cores, nearly same GPU, with matching clock speeds, and have 512MB RAM. The 360 adds two additional cores running simultaneously, whereas the PS3’s “Cell” architecture eschews the extra cores in favor of seven smaller “Synergistic Processing Units” (SPUs) that act as vector processors with a separate instruction set and a tiny amount of on-board memory. There is one fact that software industry is behind in one respect to hardware industry that is designing softwares for much faster hardware speeds. So are games lagging behind in gaming industry, none of XBox 360 game has done justice to machine’s power till yet, and it will remain very much same with PS3.
Gaming industry have lots of scope, as it is still not global in true sense, and this can be doe only through with slightly cheaper consoles. If sony would have made PS2.1, with some hard memory and making it more connecting then I think they would have certainly made some fast profits. Quantum jumps in gaming always going to create title trouble, and this is very much so with PS3, if they would have made an intermediate product with more connecting and Wifi capabilites then they would have created a good and powerful base in gamers species for the PS3. Yes I agree that would have been a kind of regessive step if looke from present scenario, but if they would have done it say some 2-3 years back then it might have been a master stroke. But presently we are with a raging question, Which console to buy? Whats your say.

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