Renkoo, Ooh! a different way of networking.

Posted on February 23, 2007. Filed under: social networking, Web Technology |

My friends can certainly go goose as I am covering another social network because they again would be first to get any kind of invitation. Sometimes I even get questions like, how do I manage so many social networks, and I say I don’t. But still they will continue to get invites from me. They are my beta group, where from I can get updates and comments, and do I get them…oh! I will let my friends answer it.
So we now have Renkoo, a social network for inviting friends, pseudo clone of a popular US site Evite. First of all let me tell you about Renkoo, if you haven’t heard about it. Basically its a plan network , you can create a plan of certain party and then your network can finally come on conclusion. Its like cutting the hassles of When to meet, where to meet etc. There are many similar networks, I know few including Renkoo, but would suggest you to click similar pages for Renkoo on Google.
But now they are trying to come in the market of conventional social networking market, but they are doing it with difference. And to mention I loved this idea. Idea is, developing your profile based on questions asked by your friends. For an example, question could be, What is your favorite color? and your reply, say ‘blue’ will add up in your profile. Now you may asked why I loved this idea, because I always feel that, friends should be more inquisitive so as to strengthen the bond of friendship, but here it would be more on comical note. If you thin it in perspective of favorites and hates then it is not that bright idea, but when you look for more deeper question then it starts making sense. Since Renkoo is presently invite only therefore I could not test it, but I am really looking forward for it. (I have just got the invitation, its damn fast process.)

I am not being pessimistic, but there is also flaw, there is too much power in hands of friends, to understand, suppose, If I have few friends who already know me, might not feel the urge to ask the question. And as there wont be enough answers a new person might not feel the urge to add me in. But this is only a possibility.

As of present when I dont have any friend [;(] there are two default questions one to be answered by me and other to be answered by my friends. Questions are cool and are regularly update by and automatic process, but I dont know whether database of my answers to questions will be saved or not, to my pragmatic sense they should be. Like any social network, Renkoo also have one problem, that is lack of truth can mar the whole process. On design front I would give Renkoo a 4/5, I dont know what addition will get it 5/5 but I know that there is some thing more, that can be done. There is effective use of AJAX, on all the pages making , and this may fasten the whole process.

All in all, Renkoo is a nice attempt, to fuse two things that is social network and invites, making it a multi facet social network. I have made an account and if you want to make me your friend than contact me asap.


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