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Orkut adds one more feature.

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I really love when Orkut adds some features, because I reside in it. It is not the best social network when it comes to express your feeling to whole world but it is a great way to communicate withing your known group. And more importantly I have nearly all my friends on it.
Coming on the new feature…
Image is self explanatory, but to mention it is only in communities, and not on your profiles. So this raises a question, why didn’t they made it universal? Though the logic is simple but still it could have been placed in profiles also.
Now coming on interface…
Its is very simple and all on same blue background. You can place unlimited options, go for multiple checks, get instant results(in green bars…different from all blue), You get it on the main page of your community. As such there is nothing bad in interface, and is a good addition all in all.
So now on enjoy polling on Orkut.

I discovered yet another feature on Orkut, its kind of a mix feature using Google Toolbar. You get a search icon for your google toolbar to search your friends and communities in Orkut. I dont know whether this is a firefox only option or is also for Google toolbar in Internet Explorer. But once again Google is doing which I will call as consolidation of services and bridging them together.
Do you have any prediction for any new bridge.

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Posted on March 27, 2007. Filed under: google, social networking |

Consolidation, this has been the mantra for people at google for while, at least it seems from viewer angle. Gtalk with Orkut, then Orkut+Youtube, Reader+Blogger, and now Blogger+Picasaweb.
This time also they have done it nicely and it was a long felt need. I, always wanted to retrieve images I uploaded to blogger for posts and wondered where they went after I uploaded them, and now they have solved both of my problems. They have integrated both the platforms together. You can see all your photos which you uploaded on your blog on your Picasaweb page with a Blogger B logo on them. And them from there, you can use them for reposting.
This is still not done they can also make Picasweb a hub for my photos on Orkut, and can make them more secure.
There is one more thing which Google have added on Picasaweb, and that is community photo search. This now brings it in lines of Flickr, but still it is not very networking friendly, as you still dont have a single window kind of thing to view your favorites photos. But they are improving and that too on fast pace, and more importantly this king kong size organization is going for consolidation.

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Jabbits. QnA using videos.

Posted on March 27, 2007. Filed under: social networking, video |

I have already mentioned, why I didn’t posted any thing for such a long time over here. And here is my first storming post after the lull. First thing I did after returning was to get online, and after that I opened Google reader…to go on reading spree to read posts in excess of 4k. And as usual I started with web2.0 blogs, and incidentally I went to Mashable and found about Jabbits.
Jabbits is a new take on QnA, that revolves around video. We all will certainly agree that video is best way to convey a message, and QnA on video is indeed a nice idea. You ask question in form of a video, and receives answers in same form. As I am writing about it, a simple yet powerful struck to me, that is in distant teaching. Students fire there questions to group of teachers and get answers in return, and similarly teacher fires question and get solution from his students, all this in an organized manner.
As mentioned Pete Cashmore, on Mashable, they should look into providing widgets to embed in ones blog and various profiles. But one thing is for sure that innovative ideas revolving around user generated videos is a new trend, and will stay for long time.
But, yes a but, when it comes to QnA, I will still prefer Yahoo Answers, though Jabbit is ready to award me $100 for my good answers. Why I will stcik to Yahoo Answers is because it is simple. When it comes to anything user generated, lesser the numbers of steps to achieve some thing more usable it becomes. For example, lets compare erstwhile Hotmail and Gmail, Hotmail had one step in excess to read messages whereas Gmail takes you directly to all the mails. Coming back to QnA, creating video is not a one step process, its a multiple step process on Jabbit. If I have a question then I may want answer quickly, and that happens on Yahoo, you get answers quickly , sometimes within seconds. Then there is another problem when it comes to asking via video, people tend to go for explaining in excess, and then asking a simple question at the end… what it had done is, it kicked many viewers out of your site. In case of written questions your eyes somehow focus directly on key words and then if you like the queestion you answer it otherwise go for another question.
One more thing which bothers me is fake answers, how would I know that answer which I am just going to see is for real or some phony blot. They do provide for some written floats for answers but still I would love to have more. Because if I visit Jabbit on my bad day then I may never visit it again, and here Jabbit have done nothing wrong. They will pay for what their users have done.
Do I have a solution for this problem…Ok I will take my chance…
Use some sort of speech to text methodology, which will at least work for questions in english and then provide some thumb up-down option for questions and answers.
All said, I will still give it a try, not as a source to get valuable answers but for controlled use within my group, because in that way I will get best I can, and here it will certainly score lots of brownies over any conventional QnA site.
And as of site designing they have done some neat job, and use a nice color combination, such things by no mean are small, they matter a lot when thousands of users fall on your site on seconds basis.

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I was not down…

Posted on March 27, 2007. Filed under: Mine |

I was out and that too without computer. I was not at a place where computer would not have worked, but I simply did not took my lapy with me. To mention I was at IIT Roorkee to take part in their techfest. And was that cool…that was awesome. Though I was down and out in most of the events in 1st stages itself, ( i was under prepared ) but enjoyed every bit of my stay over there.
I did two wrongs…
Forgot to took my camera with me.
Forgot to took my laptop.

And from next time I wont repeat this mistake.

And from today post will start as usual… if you came over here in the lull time, then I am really grateful to you.

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Anybody awake?

Posted on March 16, 2007. Filed under: social masti |

it really bothers me,where are the other members of this site.

are they all busy with their exams?or have they suffered a computer crash?
it’s making me curious and worried.Have they taken the blue pill,or the red pill?

Please guys lets not make this blog a not even a dialogue.
lets make it a multilougue.

Some of the latest things,(read one liners) that are bothering my exam torutred mind right now are:

1.Selling a client,your software product,is like giving your product for free,but still being haggled for a lower price.

2.Meregers are simply big fish eating small fish,after giving them insurance.

3.Affrimative action simply means giving pink slips with employment exchange numbers on the back.

Well,i don’t necessarily subscribe to these views,but i am just posting them,to continue my monologue.

Anybody awake?


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Why a lull?

Posted on March 13, 2007. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I am under a tremendous hectic schedule, due to 2 reasons first the college studies and second a bot. I am currently involved in making a robot. Sorry… I am not going to write much now, but found it neccesary to update and tell all that the major updating will only take place after 26 of march.

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A tribute to the original linguists

Posted on March 8, 2007. Filed under: social masti |

Ever wondered from where do the gracious words like fundoo,todu,fodu,rapchick,dhaakad and many others come from.

I think i just came across the source,the fountains of such words.

They are simply you and me,but rewinded a few years backwards.For some it will be rewinded many years backwards.

They are children below the ages of 5,at their creative best.

When i listen to such children calling,a computer,adum.
When i listen to such children calling,sleep,nina.
calling pen,mann.nature’s call,chicha.
going to lu,as su.
calling nani,nun.calling food,khau.
calling chewing food as kattu kattu.

calling opening something(kholna),as lolo.
calling sitting down(beutho),as te to.
anything which is double,as tutu.

And another calling rain as appa mum mum.
and yet another calling loo,as vivi.

And the most amazing children singing,Bulla ki jaana main kaun,by Rabbi Shergil,

as “Bulla se shana(smarter) kaun?”

i am forced to think,who the real balshrees are!

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Mein tech. blogger ban-na chahata hun!

Posted on March 5, 2007. Filed under: Jibes |

Mein tech. blogger ban-na chahata hun! >>> I want to become a tech blogger.
If this is what you say after waking up one day, then…then nothing. You can certainly be one. For an example you can look to this very blog. Some times I post such bizarre posts that I feel shame after posting them…but I will still call my self a technology blogger, and would dump this fact down your throats every time you read this blog till the day you start believing that I am one GODY-GEEK Tech blogger, till the day you start believing every single word I will be writing no matter how much far those may be from neutrality. Currently richest bloggers are the tech blogger so if you are fed up with you job and ready to sit at home and write few idiotic lines on some very similar looking websites yes websites, but keep this word to your self as now a days people don’t call websites websites but every thing other than website. If you don’t know much about any technology, and is neither interested in latest in technology then also dont loose your hope, meadows out there are very green. What you need to do is just keep your eyes open and let the horses of your brain run wild. And then whatever comes to your mind, just write it down, and remember please don’t sit for editing, editing is Oh! so old. Still if you dont know which way to go then just follow few links on this blog and slowly and slowly you will reach to the den of richest bloggers. And then you would realize that every thing else is nothing but mirror image of the rich fellows. What about GG, hey! at GG our motto is to think on ourselves and and never think again on what we just thought.
Once again lets come on our basic point, what if after doing everything you feel that you are still a cipher, simply go to , over there a fat guy writes his blog who keeps on mentioning about his link blog, and is highly excited about every thing. Try to bring that excitement in your writing, then think about what technology is used in your flush and how can a social network be used for that, or why not use some twitter like service to mention the status of what you do before flushing, and then write it on twitter and then doubly write it on your blog while adding how twitter helped you to release your constipation. In single words, write write write about what you just read from the Rich men blogs, try to prove same point with some addition, which you will easily get from the left overs of other readers in form of comments, you can also add some thing from your self, you can always use your flush for help, the last step is important so as to prove that you are one individualistic writer. Then depending on amount of substance you copied from Rich men blogs, give a link to their site on your blog. Hey…there is also a rule behind this…if you have copied more than 200 words as it is, then there is no need to leave a backlink, as readers who by mistakingly fall on your blog will realize where the content is from. But ye sif you havent done so and if its about 50 to 100 words then leave a backlink, this will show how honest you are. Always remember ‘Honesty is the best policy’, and not expressing your honesty, i.e., not leaving a backlink, is not dishonesty. You will always get some easy things to write, they are known as social networks. Every other social network is sane to the previous one. You can always find a thing r two which wont be according o your liking and then you can just be cynical self and write as per your piped vision about that social network. And if you are finding any difficulty to trace new social networks , go to Mashable or Techcrunch they will ease lots of things for you (remember, those 100 words)
After 10 blog entries and subscribing to few blogs you will find your tech. blogging mojo, and then you can dream of becoming a Rich men, on your self.

In posts to come I will also mention, how I came into this world of tech blogging.

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Top 100 search engines…!

Posted on March 5, 2007. Filed under: blogging, search, social networking, web services |

Top 100, I would die even before naming top 10. This is from Read/Write web, and compiled by Charles S. Knight. Its one of my favorite blogs all due to very cool’n’crisp analysis on it.
Here is what list looks like, I dont know most of the names from the list, but would surely have a look of them in times to come.To read complete analysis please visit here. They are going with such list as an monthly post, which I think is too frequent for such an category which does not show major changes as per one month time period is concerned. One more thing to note its not a list of conventional search engines but of alternative search engines. And the difference among two categories is very much same as in medicines and therapies. The search engine that keeps on looking.
Ask Mobile Mobile search engine from
ASK VOX A second talking female user interface.
AnswerBus Ask in English, French, Spanish, German or Italian.
Blabline Podcast / videocast search engine
blinkx Video Search
boing Search the Mobile web Searches for posts related to your keywords.
ChaCha Human Guides are available to aid in your search.
ClipBlast! Video Search
Clusty Clustering search engine
collarity Behavioral personalized search / Collarity Compass
CONGOO Searches for Premium Content
crossEngine Searches Search Engines; formerly mrSAPO
d e c i p h o Behavioral personalized search / Social Meter
Ditto Visual search engine
Dogpile MetaSearch Engine
dumbfind Featuring the Two-Box search method.
exalead Web / Image search with a European flavor
factbites Search Result snippets are complete sentences.
fazzle Search engine that emphasizes Boolean Search
filangy Personalized Search Engine
FIND FORWARD Multi-featured search engine; check this one out!
FindSounds Search for sound effects and musical samples.
FyberSearch Parent site for some interesting new search engines.
GIGABLAST A multi-featured search engine.
girafa Visual search engine – results are thumbnails
gnod Oustanding recommendation search engines
gnosh Metasearch engine
GoLexa “COMPLETE page analysis for each result.”
goshme Beta 3.0 A search engine for search engines. Top 10 pick.
GoYams Metasearch engine where you select the mix.
grokker A multi-featured meta-search engine.
GRUUVE Groovy music recommendation search engine.
hakia “Meaning based” search engine
ICEROCKET Blog search engine
ixquick Metasearch engine
KartOO Visually appealling clustering search engine
Lexxe Natural language processing (NLP) search engine
like Visual shopping engine; see also riya
liveplasma Attractive music / movies clustering / recommendation engine Search for local businesses, products, and services
lurpo Searches for custom Google search engines
mamma metasearch engine
MetaGlossary Searches for definitions, phrases and acronyms.
mnemomap Clustering search engine
Mojeek Customize your own personal search engine.
Mooter Clustering search engine
mrquery Metasearch engine / metasearch providers
MS. DEWEY Unique user interface – enough said.
Omgili Social community search engine
onkosh Arabic / English Search Engine
Pagebull Visual results search engine
pipl People search engine
PlanetSearch Metasearch engine
PolyMeta Metasearch and clustering search engine Metasearch engine
qksearch Multi-featured “3-in-1” multi-search engine
Quintura Clustering search engine with a new interface
Quintura for kids Search engine for kids by Quintura
RedZee Search Engine with nice preview results
retrievr Visual search engine
riya Visual search engine; see also Like
scirus Scientific information only search engine
searchbots Have a little fun, create your own searchbot.
SearchTheWeb2 Search The Popular Head and The Long Tail
sidekiq Multi-category search engine. Very nice.
Slideshow Displays search results as a moving slideshow.
Slifter A mobile shopping search engine.
soople A simplified version of Google’s search options.
Speegle The speeglebot talks to you.
Sphere A blog search engine.
Sproose Social search engine
S R C H R Metasearch engine
SurfWax Meaning-based search engine
Swamii Search engine that keeps on searching for you.
Swoogle Semantic Web search engine Shopping search engine
Trexy Follow “trails” and “trailblazers” with Trexy.
turboscout Metasearch engine
TWERQ Multi-category search engine with tabbed results.
UJIKO A fun interface where you can vote on the results. “Search with many” community metasearch engine. Vote on the search results with emoticons.
WASALive A new member of the list.
Web 2.0 Web 2.0 search engines
WEBBRAIN Clustering “see the web” search engine.
whonu? Deluxe metasearch engine.
WIKIO “Live information from 33981 media and blogs”
Windows Live Mobile Windows Live Mobile search engine
WiseNut Clustering search engine
Yahoo! Mobile Yahoo! Mobile search engine
Yahoo! MINDSET Intention-driven search; commercial versus research
yoono People-rated community web search
yoople Yoople! = Yahoo! + Google + People
yubnub Use command lines to search the web.
ZABASEARCH People and Public Information Search Engine.
zapmeta Metasearch engine
Zippy Search engine for webmasters
ZUULA Multi-category, multi-search engine, with good tabs.

If you want to suggest some more feel free to do so and if they have missed some thing outright then go RWW and mention it to them. Here you can find January’s list.

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Money or society?

Posted on March 5, 2007. Filed under: Poll post |

This is second in the series of Poll Post, these are mini posts which simply ask a debatable question. The first one didn’t got much response( in fact no response [;-(|] ) but you can go here to respond on that.
Coming on this one, there are few social networking options which are ready to help you increase you bank balance, like Revver, etc. { comes from Mashable}.
So what according to you is more important, money generation or social circle enlargement? And answer same from creators perspective. Reasoning will be encouraged!

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