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More Google integration in Orkut.

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This is a post after eons, I was busy with examination, and few other blogs. The blog I am Talkin about is the one for my college club, Friday Colours. It is taking lot of my blogging time, and rest of my time is being taken by my studies. It some time become really hard to manage virtual life and the real life.
But then there are some things which excite you enough to break away from crunch schedule and write a blog post, and this surely is one of them. And once again this is related to orkut. The social network which is biggest in India and Brazil, and having a cult following in India. They have added and changed few things.
One of the minor change is that they have shifted few things from one place to another, this include the scraps and cool etc information which were previous present at right corner and are now present on left.
The other welcome change is the navigation capability in the album space of orkut. They did it once and then removed it, and now they have done it again, lets hope this time it remains as a permanent addition.
But besides all thes minor addition there is one welcome addition and one very brilliant is the capability to add RSS feeds to one profile and this one is really brilliant. They have now integrated Blogger and their Picasweb services very nicely and in very sublime manner to orkut. I always wanted to have both these facilities included in Orkut, this makes it more dynamic, and you can show off more things, and this to without adding much pressure on Orkut platform. Now I think they should make the orkut API open or some part of it, much in the way Twitter have done. And yes I still want multiple scrap posting in Orkut.
One of the other interesting service which I would love to have from Google stable is Calendar functioning in Orkut which would provide event handling capacity to orkut, much in the way like Evite or Renkoo. A mobile version of Orkut will also do great wonder. Having more control in terms of personal profile design will also be great, and make Orkut a better social network.
To sum it all, if Google is taking social network space seriously then they should work on orkut more than what they are currently doing.

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Blogger Vs WordPress

Posted on May 22, 2007. Filed under: blogging |

Oh! before even thinking for what am I going to write about this topic, I am feeling that this one is going to be one tricky post, to write and read. Before I write more I would like to tell that I have blogs on both the services, and both are active blogs. I have even shifted my base from one platform to other, but then after doing so I realized, and more so after the arrival of new Blogger that both of them can do few things which other can not.
The problem is that both can not be compared using few standard parameters, but without them comparison wont have any meaning. To remind, I am still going to compare both, but only their free version, blogging service which are being hosted on their servers, and for which user have to just register and start blogging.
The parameters on which I am going to compare are :

  • Aesthetics and ease of use.
  • Functions and options.

Aesthetics and ease of use.
If I am asked to go for looks of website then I will surely go for WordPress, and their new interface which was launched 4-5 months back, is more intuitive than the previous one. It is certainly more user friendly and does bring other blogs in network to great notice. And when it comes to Blogger, they only have a Blog of Note feature, on which I dont click often. It has to be about placing, other wise I dont see any reason for this to happen.
WordPress is more of a clean, plain white interface, whereas Blogger is still using some old looking colour combination. This does matter, at least to me, it does matter. This was all about aesthetics for which I will give WordPress a thumbs up.
But when it comes to ease of use, then I use a very simple formula, that is, number of steps. Greater the number of steps to achieve something, lesser user friendly it is. When we login to Blogger acount we are directly taken to Dashboard, and that is the only thing which has been given prominence on that page and all the other news is taking backstage. And there are direct link for every blog in your account, for settings, postings, posts information etc. This has been the standard feature of Blogger, where as WordPress didnt supported multi blogs under one user name, and this was the feature which they only introduced last year. But still now it takes one step more to shift the blogging dashboard. One has to go to the icon in top which will take you to dashboard of individual blog. But the global dashboard of WordPress will provide you every information of your account. Setting interface of Blogger to me is much more easier than WordPress and this is all because of placing of tabs. Therefore Blogger gets an overall thums up for this point. And in all both of them tie for aesthetics and ease of use.

Functions and Options.
Function, aha both are for blogging. But I certainly like the community building nature of wordpress. Blogger is not that strong in that, but do they need it? When it comes to options for blogs, then also there is one thing in wordpress, which I like most that is ability to create a page, which is a very nice approach for a blog, but the level of customization which Blogger offer is unmatched, you can add nearly anything on your blog, and enjoy it. And with the new blogger they have done away with the need for user to know anything about HTML, and mind you, when I am saying ANYTHING then it is anything.

But all in all bot are complete in their on respect and both have few advantages over each other. But I would love to see an option of having a page or two in blogger which will make it a complete blogging platform.

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Big Adda in Alpha

Posted on May 8, 2007. Filed under: India, social networking |

I last time posted about Big Adda over here. And now they are in alpha. They banked on silent publicity, firstly they went for public opinion poll for their logo, which now is two hi fives. They are currently in alpha, and you can ask for invite on the site and hope that they will be sending it to you pretty soon, as I am doing.
The fact is that India is a growing market, and number of internet connections are going to increase and so will the market of social networking. Presently there is no path breaking or very wonderful Indian social network which are like mere clones to what My Space is doing. And the fact is that no body is doing it in the way My Space had done. So if Reliance Entertainment want to be the part of it then they are thinking it in right way.
What seems form their first page is that they have done it all, that is they are providing a home grown video hosting site, blogging platform, social networking platform(obviously), and then something sort of communities which they are calling addas. Orkut communities have already created some news in India, and it would be very good for Big Adda to have any controversy matching Orkut controversies. But are they ready to face lawsuits, which Google+Youtube are facing, because users will surely upload such stuff which can prove fatal for a small network. But small network may not fall under any radar, but a networking site backed by a big business organization can call unknown troubles pretty soon. But this is all stored in unknown future. Ant till then we can only hope for an early invite of Big Adda so that we can check it out.

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यह अपनी भाषा है.

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में अपने आप को रोक ना सका ओर में हिंदी में पहला पोस्ट कर रह हूँ। कुछ खामियां हैं पर कुछ नहीं से कुछ तो बेहतर है। आप लोग खुद ट्राय करें एवम बताएं।
It was there all the time and I didnt saw it. Blogger people should relocate the position of the latest news. And if you people have figured it our how to type hindi in hindi then please tell it to me. But this move will take blogger far far away from many other blogging platforms including WordPress, in India. This will also enable lot of people to use their blog as an educating medium, which would be a very healthy turnout of events.
By the way to see hindi option go to settings>basic> and then you will be able to figure it out on your self.

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Slowly and slowly.

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Hey its not that I am loosing any interest in blogging, or my love for it. But I am busy in too many things lately and carrying them all with the UG course is becoming hectic. Too many news came and went away during this time. And I could not report on any one of them. And one of them is Joost…Hey if any one of you have got an account then feel free to invite me. I wont be able to comment on it as I dont know any thing more than it being a form of IPTV.
But my other posts will be telling you more and that too without any gap.

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