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Blogging on a blog which is not read by many is in many ways similar to talking in front of a magical wall. You never know when you may utter that special word and the whole new world of different prospects and dimensions open up for you. This is my second attempt in last few days to try and utter few words to attain the Blogging Utopia. Frankly speaking I have nothing much to write, since its exam time, when most of the people look for hermitage in their books, I on other hand look for other things which would give me a different perspective and once again clean my mental black board so that I can study again. To mention, this blog post is neither about how should we blog and advantages and disadvantages of blogging nor is it about how I study during examination time.
This post is more…something more…its about Examination. Wherever I am crawling on net, I am seeing posted comments which are telling about the global horror of exams. Have any one of ever gave a thought that if Exams have to attain a physical or for that some meta physical shape and body then what it would look like? Spare a thought that is there a nation where there are no examination. We as students must have wasted many hours on debating about our education system, an examinations, so I am not going to reinvent wheel for you. I am in another realm altogether at present manner. I am thinking of giving Examination a shape. What it should be like….
Ahh… I am having a vision…(since this is examination season, we are very close to it…we can feel its presence on our bed, near our table…everywhere)
Its a kind of a elf…yes without any doubt. But we can not decide whether its a dark or light elf. (I for some reasons prefer Yaksha, more than elf…but since JRRT and many others didnt knew about them…so for common people like you and me, it has to be elf) They are beautiful, scented, and promising in their feel, they give you dreams, then enter in your dreams, and can play games with your psyche. Exam elf offers you great deal of promises and rewards if you start working for his purpose, but none is there to see when you reach the pre-stated point. Elf is gone, scent is nowhere to smell. Only bad dreams remains like a curse of elf, your fear surmounts your whole body, because the elf has put you in the result trance. I previously stated that one can not be sure whether Exam elf is a dark or light elf, because if you deny to follow what it is telling you then it starts bothering you in manners never dealt before in life. Your parents are few of the easy target of the elvish powers, it starts controlling your parents brain, and in this way tries to dominate your instinct to oppose its greater cause. Have you ever spared a thought about the possible greater cause of this Exam elf…its to throw us back to the well of world, and stop us to achieve higher knowledge, to know more about yourself. Once you will get that knowledge, you will be in the zone where no elvish( so small) powers will be able to reach you.
I dont know, how this elvish breed got so much space in this world, how it got into the brains of selected few, who sat at the top level. From eons, these elves have been successful in what they want, to throw us away from the path of ultimate knowledge….
I have to cut it short….sorry mates…dears…some how the Exam elf of my house got that I am writing against him. My mom is under his powers…I have to go…to sit for his cause…

Sorry I

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Madder than the Maddest cow…

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Cow is integral part of Indian psyche. Cow have two ears, one tail, two beautiful eyes…do you wish to read the essay on cow…
Your wish granted, I am not going to write that.
My point is to bring your attention, on cows. Cutting across religions, classes, sects and all, we some how pay great respect to these creatures. Wonderful they are, intelligent they are, but still we dont have some Cowgirl(with super powers) so as to celebrate the cow culture in India. I can see, so can you, Cows which are so very important are not being treated as they should be, they are not enjoying the amount of respect which they should. What are they getting against their calm demeanor, they are being thrown out of cities…I am angry. I firmly believe that they should not be treated the ways humans are treated in our country, because humans are treated in mighty bad way. They deserve much higher level of respect and rights. They should have their very own meadows, where they can move freely and do what ever they can. And yes, there should not be any moral policing. And if some cow, among the new generation of free cows, rais some voice and write something against the old cowhood, then no one should release some fatwa against her. This nation needs freer cows,because we have not been able to provide the freedom which we though to humans. Since cows are regarded as hostel of all the Gods, so how can we not provide them freedom. Every cow, for that matter bulls also, should be allowed to shit the place the want in their Utopian meadow…come on its their creative freedom.
I personally am very inspired by the way cows behave and also with their punctuality, they always come at nearly same time for the small roti which my mom makes fot them. I am telling you that if these wonderful animals one day decide that hey deserve much more freedom than what we are giving them then its going to be a bad day…no coffees no teas no milk nothing. If they release fatwa and decide that they are not going to do any thing for the society, then from where are we going to have our new wisdom. Cows have from long and we can even go to terming it as immemorial time been very peaceful, lemme tell you, if they now decide to go the other way then you know what it can cause…
Lets give cows some freedom…Please…no fatwas….no killing…no over milking…we need more and more healthy cows for having a healthier nation.

After Effects of reading this article…

  1. You are looking for your footwear so as to go out and help the cow.
  2. THE COW in you is alive again.
  3. You are madder than the maddest cow, and looking for the opportunities to meet me…
  4. You didnt understood a word of what I have written and now you feel that I am living too close to cows.

As I always say….Feel free to comment.

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Cricket Crazy

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This is not a forward.The veiws mentioned below belong to the
undersigned author,therefore any brickbats and abuses may be directly emailed to

Cricket crazy!

Chak de India…Chak de India…the rhyme and the songs goes on since
India won the final match against Pakistan,on that red lettered day of
24th september.

T-20,as the name goes,had had its effect.The format was
shorter,peppier and had dancers dancing for supporting each boundary.

ICC it seems has learned how to make the game much more interesting.

But lets think how to make the game even more interesting,inspired by
our famous gully games.

Here’s what’ll happen if the game is now based on the new format of gully games:

1.There shall be nothing as teams.The captains will “tip top” their
way to decide.

2.No toss for batting first.The team who brings the bat and/or the
wicket shall bat first.

3.Every over shall be begin with a try ball.

4.There are no runs for back..simply to say “back ke runs nahi hain”.

5.The cricketer,whose home is near to the stadium will bring water for all.

6.The order of bowlers or batsmen will be decided by “pukai” or as
some people say as “pukam pukai”.
The standard code to be followed will be “teen ka tala band”.

7.If any new player joins the team for that match,he will be given the
first den…sorry the first opportunity to bowl.So to say “nayee ghodi
nayee chaal”.

8.Hitting fours is ok.Hitting,sixes within the roped boundary is
ok.Hitting sixes into the stands is ok.But if the six is out of the
ground…the player is out!

9.If a bowler does not bowl well,he’s given a “baby over” of
3 balls.

10.And the best one…!Direct catches are allowed,but to the ease of
fielders,now even “one tip one hand” is also allowed!

I hope those who have played plenty of gully games would be very happy
for the implementation of these rules.

And by the way,the idea of cheer leaders cheering on boundaries was
also taken from India only,where in Mumbai there’s a dancing beer
bar,next to the stadium.


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New Looks…

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This is the new look of Geekgam, much bluer andwh much more fresh and intuitive than it was before. I forgot to get the screen shot of old version of Geekgam, which I later got from the Cache of Google’s servers. Many of my friends have told me that the older template was just too plain, and didnt matched to my spirit. Before I could change the template I found myself in midst of exams and they forced me into a small exile which I don’t know when grew into a 4 months long exile from blogging.
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This new template is from Blogcrowds, they have got a cool collection of templates for the new blogger. Feel free to comment on what do you feel about the new template. There are still few tweaks to do, but since I am running out of time I am postponing it for tomorrow.

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Time to return…

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What an apt time to return, to a job which is really very thankless, a job which in initial stages does not give any beautiful returns…I am back to Blogging…on Geekgam just after a very auspicious day of Diwali, a day when Lord Raam retuned from 14 years exile. This is also the new year…according to few traditions in India, Gudi Parva. So I am back after self inflicted exile of nearly 4 mothf blogging exile. All this time I had few questions in my mind, and they have to do with the future of this blog. Questions were about the approach, they way I was writing on this blog was in broader sense was indeed unique but yet very similar to what is being written all over. The reason being, the news which is coming in to me is already a news. I have made few adjustment and now on you will get some improved writing and more focused writing.
Web is indeed evolving, but it is doing so in micro level. There has been not big development in these days, but here I can be wrong too, because what is big for me may not be big for you. Now on I will be more focused on analysis, rather than just introducing you to a new product. You will thus get more third eye view on various technologies. When I am writing technology then I am sure that I mean technology in true sense and not just web technology, but since most of the knowledge which we will gaining in due course will be unearthed using web, so our tagline, ” Harpooning the webosphere” still stands true. Saying that I will not hide from the fact that I love being online, interacting with society in whole, and thus I love web technology as I have my firm belief that true convergence of information and entertainment can only take place on internet. This will surely happen in near future if not tomorrow.
Once told to me, and I also believe it, though in much sublime manner, that blogging is a cynical thing to do. Indeed it is, but this cynicism is for good, its about freedom and expression. So long live blogging and the blogger in me.

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