Madder than the Maddest cow…

Posted on November 26, 2007. Filed under: cows, freedom., India |

Cow is integral part of Indian psyche. Cow have two ears, one tail, two beautiful eyes…do you wish to read the essay on cow…
Your wish granted, I am not going to write that.
My point is to bring your attention, on cows. Cutting across religions, classes, sects and all, we some how pay great respect to these creatures. Wonderful they are, intelligent they are, but still we dont have some Cowgirl(with super powers) so as to celebrate the cow culture in India. I can see, so can you, Cows which are so very important are not being treated as they should be, they are not enjoying the amount of respect which they should. What are they getting against their calm demeanor, they are being thrown out of cities…I am angry. I firmly believe that they should not be treated the ways humans are treated in our country, because humans are treated in mighty bad way. They deserve much higher level of respect and rights. They should have their very own meadows, where they can move freely and do what ever they can. And yes, there should not be any moral policing. And if some cow, among the new generation of free cows, rais some voice and write something against the old cowhood, then no one should release some fatwa against her. This nation needs freer cows,because we have not been able to provide the freedom which we though to humans. Since cows are regarded as hostel of all the Gods, so how can we not provide them freedom. Every cow, for that matter bulls also, should be allowed to shit the place the want in their Utopian meadow…come on its their creative freedom.
I personally am very inspired by the way cows behave and also with their punctuality, they always come at nearly same time for the small roti which my mom makes fot them. I am telling you that if these wonderful animals one day decide that hey deserve much more freedom than what we are giving them then its going to be a bad day…no coffees no teas no milk nothing. If they release fatwa and decide that they are not going to do any thing for the society, then from where are we going to have our new wisdom. Cows have from long and we can even go to terming it as immemorial time been very peaceful, lemme tell you, if they now decide to go the other way then you know what it can cause…
Lets give cows some freedom…Please…no fatwas….no killing…no over milking…we need more and more healthy cows for having a healthier nation.

After Effects of reading this article…

  1. You are looking for your footwear so as to go out and help the cow.
  2. THE COW in you is alive again.
  3. You are madder than the maddest cow, and looking for the opportunities to meet me…
  4. You didnt understood a word of what I have written and now you feel that I am living too close to cows.

As I always say….Feel free to comment.


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One Response to “Madder than the Maddest cow…”

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(got spelling mistakes in the last comment,you know can’t type well with my hoofs)

welle log welli post!

oye kt…very very gud…truly creative..sounded like “moo”sic to my ears.

I think am turning into a cow now…what happens when a child is bitten by a cow?does he turn to a cow every full moon night and then do good to the world?

does he become the cow man?

kt cheers to you for arousing the cowatv(cowta bhaav) in us(similar to mamatv,and mamta bhaav)


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