Mindful Curry

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So jee sirjees and madam jees,what do you think this article will contain?

i am still pondering over what to write and what not to,but then i decide to write about what you and i are doing right now.


and just add a prefix before that,make that creative thinking.

As we all sit in our classes,muging up formulas,batalling assignents(and sometimes teachers),fighting for study material and notes,the aspect of our youthful minds that takes its toll,is thinking.

We are most of the times supposed to do what others are doing,and sometimes when we are supossed to do what we think,we don’t get the time to think enough.

So what to do.
Simple,let your mind run amock.

Here are the various stratergies(a nice word i picked up from english news channels during the cricket season) which i sometimes employ during my waking hours,while doing the normal course of work.

One of the best ways to create something new is the think about the phrase “what next?”.

For example,sitting in my physics class,there was a discussion on polarizers and cameras.i added “what next?”.

The phrase became something like this:black and white pics,coloured pics,digicams,what next?

I asked some ppl,and the replies where surely creative.A hand held 3d camera.

The thinking might have been made earlier,but still something new from the ordinary.

do something like this,telephones,mobile phones,what next?
holophrapic 3d veiwers.

electronic meters,auto rickshaw meters,what next?
cycle rickshaw meters,mechanical or non mechanical,but non tamperable.

Things like these might be present,but then they surely do give you a new idea.As you think more about an idea,the better picture you get about it.

If your answer is something thats very very common,just add some adjective to it.like making things or processes cheap,available to all,locally used materials.

like,telescope,microscope,what next?
i say microscope,with the bamboo poles which are hollow.

i know this article is stretching far beyond its permitted length,but please,bull and bear with us.

The next approach,thats possible,is using problems.
like,just pick out a person from among the crowd,and think what problem would he be facing?

lets take global warming.
take biotech and add.

you get some protein capable of splitting water,releasing
hydrogen by hydrolysis,the economy turns from fossil fuel based to hydrogen fuel based.hydrogen gas,free and simple.

take counter strike.
take electronics,and add.
you get some devices fitted on the caps which act as detectors for lasers(LDR circuit etc.).

you use lasers on guns for firing.with some appropriate arragnement get some thing for scoring,and covert college campus into unreal tournamnet playground.

add biotech and air conditioning.(bacteria’s cooling air?)

add biotech and fireflies.(proteins emmiting light transplanted into plants)

add electronics and pens(a pen that scans and prints too,ideal for copying from books into notebooks)

so just take a problem and add something to it to get something..well in the first and idea and then something concrete.

10 ideas you get,2 implemented,1 clicks.

Keep thinking,till i think..

what next?

Disclaimer:This post was posted first on jiityouthclub.org


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There is an advertisement running for CBZ extreme, where the protagonist says…Thinking is such a waste of time…after reading this post, I am thinking of filing a PIL in SC against that advertisements…
I think Sameer has invented a new creative game, where in one man can think of one thing and other another thing and the first one has to come up with some new product using both the things…quite interesting…

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