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Pogo Amazing Kids

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the pogo amazing kids awards is out!

well,I can’t participate in it(u know,i am underage)

but I want all balshrees(of eligible age) who doesn’t know about it,should know about it…

putting this up on the blog too..


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Hi guys..This is the first time I’m sharing something very very important with u all…I’m the Balshree of year 2003 in creative writing(Marathi).Balshree was the competition which gave me confidence that even I can write well and express my emotions effectively…
N Today I’m glad to inform you all…I’ve published my first ever book of poetry -CHANDANCHURA…Chandanchura means crushed stars…N the sky looks most beutiful when plenty of stars are there…Just like that are our ideas…Random but attractive n beutiful!!!!!!!! Today I’m really really happy to share this विथ all of u!!!
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A common bond

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Having an old computer has its own benefits..

During the recent genocidal examinations(Test 3),I felt a bond between me and my old computer.

Both of us shared the same feelings.While I was a little shy in my expression,my computer exactly told what I had in my mind.

Call it divine intervention or whatever,this is what happened…

We all have some teachers,against whom we have a very strong prejudice.We would never miss an opportunity to swear at them,that is,of course,behind their backs.

One of those teachers put a folder titled with their name,for the sake of my privacy and life,lets say,teachername,on our common computer network to download.

As I was copying the folder to my old computer,it just hung up.

Pressing alt+crtl+del,gave me the task manager window…

which said..

teachername[Not Responding]

Computer bhaiya!

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