Tech blogging is a crowded space, and not only that, there are few very known bloggers around…

So what are we doing over here, that too far from happenings? Why should you read this blog? How is it different?

Yes I, though  about it, we all though about it.

SO to tell you there is only one simple answer.

We are unique, so will be over reporting. We are users, our first view will be that of a user, more pragmatic, and much more closer to your liking.

How can we say so?

Just because we feel we can.

Squad members will try there level best to report you wih latest in geekosphere, and not only that but every one will have their individual reporting style. So you are not bound to a single type of view, but will come accross various type of views, which will certainly help you to make your choices, and as I allways say, its the choices which makes a man out of homosapien.

Kartik Trivedi


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3 Responses to “Squad”

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We are reposting our (citipals.com) PR release to you below. All the features mentioned in the PR release are now live. Given that our original post was over a national holiday ( Gandhi Jayanti ), thought it would be a good idea to reach out one more time. Please review and would love for you to publish/write about our website.

Here is the original post to you :
The Answer to “User’s quest for trusted recommendations” …

There is a universal need to get advise, opinions and recommendations you can trust. CitiPals.com is building a platform that processes and filters information specifically for you, to deliver recommendations, that you can trust.

Problem/Need: It’s common on the web, to get reviews, however in most cases the reviewer is not known to you. You also have no way of knowing how much you have in common with the reviewer or how trustworthy the reviewer is.

Solution: Opinions of reviewers are good but opinions from your “friends” are priceless to help you make the right choice. There’s an implicit level of trust you associate with folks you know. CitiPals captures this and provides trusted recommendations by weighing in your social network higher. Opinions of folks in your social network are not only weighted higher as you peruse information on CitiPals, they are also displayed prominently along with your ‘relationship map’ to that user. Your social network on CitiPals comprises of friends ( and their friends, up to 3 degrees ) as well as users you trust. Over time, you might start trusting some users whose opinions have helped you, and/or whose tastes are similar to yours. These are users you trusts, and CitiPals allows you to mark them as “trusted reviewer”, and include in your social network.

The notion of trust has been extended to the web at large, and is not just limited to reviews written on CitiPals. CitiPals has adopted the open model of web 2.0. Opinions are aggregated from the web and a CitiPals user can trust someone who writes on other publications, websites and blogs.

CitiPals is launching MovieMatch, which lets a user rate/review a set of 25 movies from 5 categories (it takes only a couple of minutes). You can then compare your tastes with your friends (for fun), or any other user for that matter (more fun). Now, when you read a review from a user who has played MovieMatch, you also know how your taste in movies match up to this user. If your tastes are aligned, you might be more inclined to trust this user’s reviews. MovieMatch can be found at http://www.citipals.com/moviematch

CitiPals’s slogan is “CitiPals connects you with your friends to help with everyday choices”.

Coverage :
CitiPals currently covers food & dining, nightlife, health and beauty categories in India ( Mumbai and Pune ) along with Bollywood & Hollywood movies. There are plans to cover more categories, as well as major metros and towns across India.

Feature Set :
1) Higher Weighting of reviews/opinions from your social network across the entire site.
2) Relationship map ( showing how a person is connected to you ).
3) Allowing 2-way relationship (friends) as well as 1-way (trusted reviewer).
4) Increased inter-action between users by having features like “Send compliments to reviewer”
5) Making it easy to ask your friends/network for recommendations.
6) Giving user level stats like profile views and review views, to gauge one’s popularity.
7) Relevant search eg, if you search for “chinese” in a specific city/suburb, you will see the top-rated restaurants higher.
8) User generated content – business listings, photos, videos, reviews.
9) Aggregation of reviews and videos from the web.
10) MovieMatch – a fun and engaging way to compare your taste in movies with those of your friends.

The Cast
Co-Founder : Ashish Baldua
Prior to CitiPals, Ashish headed up the engineering team for Yahoo! STAR properties ( Shopping, Travel, Autos, Realestate ). He worked at Yahoo! the last 11 years on various e-commerce properties. Apart from leading various engineering teams, Ashish has a lot of experience on the product and business aspects in the Internet space. He holds a M.S in Computer Science from SUNY, Stony Brook.

Co-Founder : Manish Baldua
Prior to CitiPals, Manish headed up the engineering team for Yahoo! Shopping Group ( Shopping, Real Estate, Classifieds and Auctions). He started working at Yahoo! 9 years ago, as a Software Engineer in the Ad Systems Group and has closely followed the internet industry as it has rapidly evolved in the past decade. He has been closely involved in the architecture and build out of various back end systems over the years. Manish obtained his M.S. in Computer Science from SUNY – Albany.

Additional Comments:
Request for Press Embargo until Wednesday, October 3rd, at 1am, IST (Indian Standard Time) and October 2nd, at 12:30PM PST (Pacific Standard Time). Features like MovieMatch are functional on our site but will be exposed to end users a couple of hours before the above stated time.


We can be reached at :
Email : ashish@citipals.com
Phone : (001)-408-705-7933

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