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If you are reading news papers or remain connected to web then you must be knowing that Mr. Bill Gates is not the richest person now. Its now tagged to Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico. So does this inspired me to write this post… is series of events which have inspired me to do so:

  • Launch and all the positive hype which iPhone got, and respect which apple does.
  • Though people have respect for the software behemoth, but still it does not command love, or create fear in its competitors.
  • Rise of Google, and other web based services which are trying to eat into MS territory.

Microsoft is every where, the place you think, they are there. But still you can not bet on every thing they will do. They did few things which were nice, but they are not successful, by that I mean Zune. Vista is wonderful but it does not make you sit and say, ‘Hey I want this any how’ the way iPhone did, or Leopard may do. I like search interface of Live search but I am not using it, I dont know why but there is some thing stopping me to do that. Might be they need to work on the Feng Shui or Vaastu of their websites. Amount of research which goes behind the doors must be impeccable, though we don’t know when it is going to show up.
Beyond the tech stuff I think it is the time when they put some money in intelligent advertising not people ready advertising.
One example of intelligent advertising which I would like to share with you readers will be one from advertisements archives. The Humara Bajaj campaign by Bajaj Auto. To the readers who dont know about it; Bajaj is two wheeler manufacturer from India. Initially when India was a nation without motorized vehicle, a nation with rising middle class without personal mode of transportation. During that time, Baja came up with Vespa type scooters, from technological transfer from Vespa. But they could not match the its competitors, and was in dearth need of some magic. And that magic was provided by this advertisement…

Humara Bajaj : Our BAJAJ
I wont go on literal translation of this ad and the song, because this ad cuts down the need of translation. You can see that Bajaj scooter is being used by every one, for nearly every thing and then it tells ‘New image of new India, our Bajaj.’ Youth, aged, women, men, everyone is shown using it. Its not about path breaking technology its about touching users emotionally, and with the right note. And the rest was history, Bajaj became biggest two wheeler manufacturer of nation and remain on the top spot for years. It became a nation success. There is not substitute to technology, no substitute to innovation, there is none. But one thing which a company should strive is to make that technology more digestible. Microsoft presently needs some thing similar to cut across the masses. Be there is everyones mind.

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