Time to return…

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What an apt time to return, to a job which is really very thankless, a job which in initial stages does not give any beautiful returns…I am back to Blogging…on Geekgam just after a very auspicious day of Diwali, a day when Lord Raam retuned from 14 years exile. This is also the new year…according to few traditions in India, Gudi Parva. So I am back after self inflicted exile of nearly 4 mothf blogging exile. All this time I had few questions in my mind, and they have to do with the future of this blog. Questions were about the approach, they way I was writing on this blog was in broader sense was indeed unique but yet very similar to what is being written all over. The reason being, the news which is coming in to me is already a news. I have made few adjustment and now on you will get some improved writing and more focused writing.
Web is indeed evolving, but it is doing so in micro level. There has been not big development in these days, but here I can be wrong too, because what is big for me may not be big for you. Now on I will be more focused on analysis, rather than just introducing you to a new product. You will thus get more third eye view on various technologies. When I am writing technology then I am sure that I mean technology in true sense and not just web technology, but since most of the knowledge which we will gaining in due course will be unearthed using web, so our tagline, ” Harpooning the webosphere” still stands true. Saying that I will not hide from the fact that I love being online, interacting with society in whole, and thus I love web technology as I have my firm belief that true convergence of information and entertainment can only take place on internet. This will surely happen in near future if not tomorrow.
Once told to me, and I also believe it, though in much sublime manner, that blogging is a cynical thing to do. Indeed it is, but this cynicism is for good, its about freedom and expression. So long live blogging and the blogger in me.

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Good blogs when you want to do research.

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This can be one of the least important post if you are already reading these blogs, but should be very important if havent. They are among few of the top notch blogs. I love to read them because amount of brain matter spent on writing those post is purely fantastic. Another reason why I am posting this post is that I am in no position to write something big, because my body is paining terribly after getting wet in rain for two consecutive days and I have some real large books to study for my exam on coming Wednesday. So when you dont have time and you feel like blogging then blog about blogs.

Read/Write web: Very solid approach when comparing two services, and nice way of writing which really makes the post a very interesting read.

Mashable: I wouldnt have wrote this name few months back because back then it was not that extensive in comparing but recently they are doing a great job. And the number of post from the Queens land is making new records daily, this sometimes do irritates me, as whenever I go to my reader I see new posts, and if I miss it for even a day there are posts in 2 digits. But still I go there to read them all.

Now have a view of the books which are not letting me post extensively.
One more thing while posting this image I could not do it using the inbuilt photograph adder, and neither I was able to upload it directly to my Picasaweb account…some times services from Google irritates a lot. And there is also some problem going on with Orkut, I am not being able to edit my profile, the screen just go blank after taking lots of time.

EM Books
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Why feeds are addictive?

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I also feed on feeds and and Google Reader acts as my dinner table. And let me tell you that feeds are addictive, though I dont have any scientific or medical proof for it, but yes I can say that from my very own experience. And anybody else who is using some kind of reader must be feeling same. I use firefox as my browser, and there are three things which I open as soon as I get online.

  • Orkut
  • Google Reader
  • Blogger/Wordpress

One can easily understand that there is one thing common in all the three items, and that is social connectivity. The crux is that any thing which connects you with others, and with connection if that thing provides you with infotainment then that thing is going to be addictive. And history is full of examples. And a feed reader does all these things quite handsomely.
One thing which bugs me about the reader, and in particular with google reader is that it does not have any kind of interaction facility. Often there are posts, on which I would love to comment, but I wont, as I have to click and then wait for next page to upload. By the time I decide, I am already on next post.

By the way this is an echo post, and the post which inspired me to write this is here.

And below is an interesting video of Robert Scoble telling about his reading and filtering skills.

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Blogger Vs WordPress

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Oh! before even thinking for what am I going to write about this topic, I am feeling that this one is going to be one tricky post, to write and read. Before I write more I would like to tell that I have blogs on both the services, and both are active blogs. I have even shifted my base from one platform to other, but then after doing so I realized, and more so after the arrival of new Blogger that both of them can do few things which other can not.
The problem is that both can not be compared using few standard parameters, but without them comparison wont have any meaning. To remind, I am still going to compare both, but only their free version, blogging service which are being hosted on their servers, and for which user have to just register and start blogging.
The parameters on which I am going to compare are :

  • Aesthetics and ease of use.
  • Functions and options.

Aesthetics and ease of use.
If I am asked to go for looks of website then I will surely go for WordPress, and their new interface which was launched 4-5 months back, is more intuitive than the previous one. It is certainly more user friendly and does bring other blogs in network to great notice. And when it comes to Blogger, they only have a Blog of Note feature, on which I dont click often. It has to be about placing, other wise I dont see any reason for this to happen.
WordPress is more of a clean, plain white interface, whereas Blogger is still using some old looking colour combination. This does matter, at least to me, it does matter. This was all about aesthetics for which I will give WordPress a thumbs up.
But when it comes to ease of use, then I use a very simple formula, that is, number of steps. Greater the number of steps to achieve something, lesser user friendly it is. When we login to Blogger acount we are directly taken to Dashboard, and that is the only thing which has been given prominence on that page and all the other news is taking backstage. And there are direct link for every blog in your account, for settings, postings, posts information etc. This has been the standard feature of Blogger, where as WordPress didnt supported multi blogs under one user name, and this was the feature which they only introduced last year. But still now it takes one step more to shift the blogging dashboard. One has to go to the icon in top which will take you to dashboard of individual blog. But the global dashboard of WordPress will provide you every information of your account. Setting interface of Blogger to me is much more easier than WordPress and this is all because of placing of tabs. Therefore Blogger gets an overall thums up for this point. And in all both of them tie for aesthetics and ease of use.

Functions and Options.
Function, aha both are for blogging. But I certainly like the community building nature of wordpress. Blogger is not that strong in that, but do they need it? When it comes to options for blogs, then also there is one thing in wordpress, which I like most that is ability to create a page, which is a very nice approach for a blog, but the level of customization which Blogger offer is unmatched, you can add nearly anything on your blog, and enjoy it. And with the new blogger they have done away with the need for user to know anything about HTML, and mind you, when I am saying ANYTHING then it is anything.

But all in all bot are complete in their on respect and both have few advantages over each other. But I would love to see an option of having a page or two in blogger which will make it a complete blogging platform.

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यह अपनी भाषा है.

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में अपने आप को रोक ना सका ओर में हिंदी में पहला पोस्ट कर रह हूँ। कुछ खामियां हैं पर कुछ नहीं से कुछ तो बेहतर है। आप लोग खुद ट्राय करें एवम बताएं।
It was there all the time and I didnt saw it. Blogger people should relocate the position of the latest news. And if you people have figured it our how to type hindi in hindi then please tell it to me. But this move will take blogger far far away from many other blogging platforms including WordPress, in India. This will also enable lot of people to use their blog as an educating medium, which would be a very healthy turnout of events.
By the way to see hindi option go to settings>basic> and then you will be able to figure it out on your self.

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Top 100 search engines…!

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Top 100, I would die even before naming top 10. This is from Read/Write web, and compiled by Charles S. Knight. Its one of my favorite blogs all due to very cool’n’crisp analysis on it.
Here is what list looks like, I dont know most of the names from the list, but would surely have a look of them in times to come.To read complete analysis please visit here. They are going with such list as an monthly post, which I think is too frequent for such an category which does not show major changes as per one month time period is concerned. One more thing to note its not a list of conventional search engines but of alternative search engines. And the difference among two categories is very much same as in medicines and therapies. The search engine that keeps on looking.
Ask Mobile Mobile search engine from
ASK VOX A second talking female user interface.
AnswerBus Ask in English, French, Spanish, German or Italian.
Blabline Podcast / videocast search engine
blinkx Video Search
boing Search the Mobile web Searches for posts related to your keywords.
ChaCha Human Guides are available to aid in your search.
ClipBlast! Video Search
Clusty Clustering search engine
collarity Behavioral personalized search / Collarity Compass
CONGOO Searches for Premium Content
crossEngine Searches Search Engines; formerly mrSAPO
d e c i p h o Behavioral personalized search / Social Meter
Ditto Visual search engine
Dogpile MetaSearch Engine
dumbfind Featuring the Two-Box search method.
exalead Web / Image search with a European flavor
factbites Search Result snippets are complete sentences.
fazzle Search engine that emphasizes Boolean Search
filangy Personalized Search Engine
FIND FORWARD Multi-featured search engine; check this one out!
FindSounds Search for sound effects and musical samples.
FyberSearch Parent site for some interesting new search engines.
GIGABLAST A multi-featured search engine.
girafa Visual search engine – results are thumbnails
gnod Oustanding recommendation search engines
gnosh Metasearch engine
GoLexa “COMPLETE page analysis for each result.”
goshme Beta 3.0 A search engine for search engines. Top 10 pick.
GoYams Metasearch engine where you select the mix.
grokker A multi-featured meta-search engine.
GRUUVE Groovy music recommendation search engine.
hakia “Meaning based” search engine
ICEROCKET Blog search engine
ixquick Metasearch engine
KartOO Visually appealling clustering search engine
Lexxe Natural language processing (NLP) search engine
like Visual shopping engine; see also riya
liveplasma Attractive music / movies clustering / recommendation engine Search for local businesses, products, and services
lurpo Searches for custom Google search engines
mamma metasearch engine
MetaGlossary Searches for definitions, phrases and acronyms.
mnemomap Clustering search engine
Mojeek Customize your own personal search engine.
Mooter Clustering search engine
mrquery Metasearch engine / metasearch providers
MS. DEWEY Unique user interface – enough said.
Omgili Social community search engine
onkosh Arabic / English Search Engine
Pagebull Visual results search engine
pipl People search engine
PlanetSearch Metasearch engine
PolyMeta Metasearch and clustering search engine Metasearch engine
qksearch Multi-featured “3-in-1” multi-search engine
Quintura Clustering search engine with a new interface
Quintura for kids Search engine for kids by Quintura
RedZee Search Engine with nice preview results
retrievr Visual search engine
riya Visual search engine; see also Like
scirus Scientific information only search engine
searchbots Have a little fun, create your own searchbot.
SearchTheWeb2 Search The Popular Head and The Long Tail
sidekiq Multi-category search engine. Very nice.
Slideshow Displays search results as a moving slideshow.
Slifter A mobile shopping search engine.
soople A simplified version of Google’s search options.
Speegle The speeglebot talks to you.
Sphere A blog search engine.
Sproose Social search engine
S R C H R Metasearch engine
SurfWax Meaning-based search engine
Swamii Search engine that keeps on searching for you.
Swoogle Semantic Web search engine Shopping search engine
Trexy Follow “trails” and “trailblazers” with Trexy.
turboscout Metasearch engine
TWERQ Multi-category search engine with tabbed results.
UJIKO A fun interface where you can vote on the results. “Search with many” community metasearch engine. Vote on the search results with emoticons.
WASALive A new member of the list.
Web 2.0 Web 2.0 search engines
WEBBRAIN Clustering “see the web” search engine.
whonu? Deluxe metasearch engine.
WIKIO “Live information from 33981 media and blogs”
Windows Live Mobile Windows Live Mobile search engine
WiseNut Clustering search engine
Yahoo! Mobile Yahoo! Mobile search engine
Yahoo! MINDSET Intention-driven search; commercial versus research
yoono People-rated community web search
yoople Yoople! = Yahoo! + Google + People
yubnub Use command lines to search the web.
ZABASEARCH People and Public Information Search Engine.
zapmeta Metasearch engine
Zippy Search engine for webmasters
ZUULA Multi-category, multi-search engine, with good tabs.

If you want to suggest some more feel free to do so and if they have missed some thing outright then go RWW and mention it to them. Here you can find January’s list.

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Community building around your blog.

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Blogging was like a precursor to web2.0, and would certainly become precursor to web3.0. Blogging has got so much facets that you can not pinpoint a certain aspect of blogging, but one thing is for sure it has become third type of media, or in other words it is main content of media over internet. With the birth of zillions of blog every second and accompanying them the birth of zillions aspirations of having s successful blog, though this point will stand in debate lane. Somehow something or to say some products to fill those aspirational needs were required and now we have many.
To just get hold of its market potential one can just look at this fact:
Yahoo spends some $10+ on getting MyBlogLog in its stable.

Now you can see My Blog Logs on every next blog(overstatement). But yes for new bloggers it is becoming a nice tool, you go on other blogs you leave your characteristic imprints, very much like animals roaming, over there. By the way dogs pee to leave their characteristic imprints.
In this post I am going to look at Mybloglog and clones.

MyBlogLog: I dont know whether they were first or not, but they were certainly first to make it big. We had imbedded chat clients like Meboo on many blogs but they never came to prominence like Mybloglog(+), some how they never attracted me, one of the reason can be the time difference between countries.
MyBloglog got initial rave reviews from people who mattered most, yup, Ivy league of bloggers like Micheal Arrington and peers. Concept was simple, you put their code on your blog, then you can see when other members of MyBlogLog left their characteristic imprints. [;)] This thus became viral, you see log in sidebars, get interested and get one for your blog.
This was not it, you also get an option to build community for your blog, which get members under the law of mutual appeasement. Finally you get few members who remembers where your blog is.

Who’s On My Page
: This is also one such service which is one made for MySpace. Does things in pretty similar way with also mentioning number of comments. But they have got completely different approach for it, they ask you to download a toolbar for Firefox, and then getting instant results. To go anywhere ahead you need to download their toolbar, and then fill you profile etc.
But this is not something universal like Mybloglog but is limited to few social networks. Bebo, Friendster, Xanga, Hi5, and Myspace are supported networks.

Spicypage: To sum up this site, this is fusion of Digg and Mybloglog. You vote for blogs and pages and can also get a widget for your blog to get voted, again it is viral in same sense as is Mybloglog. But I would like to mention that I came to know about this site via Mybloglog, how there was a personal message by some lady which mentioned about this website.

There are few more services like Trakzor which is focused on Myspace, none of them had done it in the same way as MyBlogLog.
Community is one word to define Web2.0, and when blogs fuses with community building are network building then its like twin blade sword.
If you know of any other such service then feel free to post a tip.

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A youth in tech blogging.

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A youth, and thats not me. Here that youth is Yuvi, a guy aged 15, from Chennai. Mind you, you would certainly question his age after you read his posts. But the point to mention is that in India blogging is certainly more of a part of youth culture than is of official culture, as there are far more blogs from youth than by middle aged man/woman.
But lets come to our point, A youth… Yuvi.
What a way to get the light, and that too international light, from just two posts.
What he is doing is very interesting, he has written 2 post analyzing Robert Scoble’s blog. Robert Scoble, yeah the celebrity Robert Scoble. Analysis is certainly paranormal, and by the virtue of thse two post he got his name mentioned in Scobleizer, Scoble’s Blog, which is being read by thousands a day.
What Yuvi did is one real wonderful thing and that to was matched by his impeccable analysis, based on facts in form of graphs and charts. The most intelligent part I reckon is the selection of person to be analyzed, Robert Scoble is one person who write about tech and non-tech with high amount of conviction which allows Yuvi to have larger set of data to help him analyze.
As of 2006, for any startup it was one of the important thing to be analyzed by Micheal Arrington on Techcrunch. And this would probably remain so for 2007. But here in blogosphere there is one more addition, that is, it might become and important thing to be analyzed by Yuvi as its for startups to be analyzed by Techcrunch. As of Yuvi, he got more than double, clicks on his blog after getting his name mentioned by Scoble.
He is certainly one blogger whom I am going to follow and that too closely.

Hey is there any one out there who is going to analyze Yuvi’s blog….


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