Refreshing…Why am I using Windows?

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People outside my home tels me that Mac is better than Windows, but still one will find Windows in more computers than one would find a Mac. Why? Just because Windows was pirated more times than any other software in total history of computer, Why? Because what they made as an integral part for working on PC, it was the most easy way to make computer personal. Rules were never simple, and Microsoft was never nice. What Microsoft is fighting is anti-incumbency factor. Which Google would face pretty soon.
Okay, now look it this way. I spend most of my time on Orkut, one of my tab is for orkut, its like a ritual. I know that Orkut is not best of the lot, its not at all expressive, but still I am using it, Why? Just because all my friends are on Orkut, anf those friends who are not on orkut would join it soon because their other friends are on Orkut. This was not a funny statement, but instead I want you to look for the chain effect, or in other words it is peer pressure.
Apple, they are like A for computers, but still their policies are slightly flawed, they are not looking towards East, whereas Microsoft is certainly looking east. They are focusing on common man who is planning to buy a new computer, and mind you there are many new buyers, they are encouraging buyers to go for genuine Microsoft, and they have even got a competition for it. And of Apple, I dont remember when did I last saw an advertisement of Apple in newspaper. They might not be doing so in America, as they are popular over there, but in India they are not. I have no peer pressure to change and go for an Apple. And therefore I will continue using Microsoft, and presently I am using XP, I do lot of internet, and tries my level best for keeping my computer virus free, avoiding pit falls, and regularly updating my anti-virus.
And I keep on refreshing my desktop. How many times in a day do your refresh your desktop? I am thinking that I am becoming some sort of compulsive refresher.

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Reader Addict.

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Here is a confession, that I am a Google Reader Addict.
J, K, S and shift+S are enough to keep me alive for hours. I remain hooked to it if I am not on my table doing my college work. My friends ask me what do I do on computer all day. I say them its Reader which keeps me busy, they don’t believe it, and I just smile.
Whenever I open Firefox, I will open Google reader, sign in, then would open another tab to write Then I keep on switching between the two.
Things just don’t end there, I read the feeds and then mark them as favorite or share them or both. TO read what I read, go here.
It would be a nice fact, to know that how many feed blogs are out there, being read actively.
I can suggest only one thing, you should give Reader a try, because if you surf, read blogs, then you are truly missing something if you are not using Reader. And once you start using Reader then your english will start from J.

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