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Please consider enviorment befor printing this post.

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P Please consider the environment before printing this mail.

This is an interesting thing which I got with a forward. I liked it very much…There are lot of things going on the environment front and about the problems caused by global warming….what say bloggers…what should we do about it.

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Global Warming, and its chilling.

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I would like to put two things straight,

  1. Hail Sameer, who is just like a spark plug which never forget to ignite.
  2. I drive on comments, more comments I get, more easy it would be for me to write.

Now coming to the topic of global warming, though I was not invited to G8 or G5 summit and am not seeing and upcoming chances to be there with those decision makers. One thing is quite clear, they are not going to make great deal of change. Yesterday there was an article in Times of India, which stated that America have money to invest in every xyz research but not in the fields related to Global Warming and modeling. And things aren’t going to be simple any time soon. There are many reasons, and most of them are related to economics and politics. I am no Guru in either of them but understands one simple thing that is PROFIT, and Global Warming is going to bring more and more profit.

Political Sense

America is in no mood to cut its emission, and probably it can not, for few very simple reasons, that there is huge political pressure on White House from industrial lobby, which is very strong in US. I haven’t been to US, but one simple thing from which I have this inference, is the number of years for which American Industry is standing. For India it is not more than 60 to 70 years, and for them there industrial history dates back to nearly 200 years or so. And in 200 years and for a nation which plays a very dominant part in international politics, any sort of industry will have its windows in political system.
And as America is in no mood to cut down in emission norms and Mr Bush’s feeling that the onus to cut emission of green house gases are on India and China. I am not hoping from something great from EU. And as the Big Daddies are not going to hold their barrels down, the aspiring Big Daddies (G5), are going to follow the suite. This means that we are not going to see and major bill passed in US senate, and this in turns also negates a possibility of a bill being passes in Lok Sabha, or even proposed for that matter. While the meant time we will continue feeding on American Media which will keep on reporting about Paris Hilton and about Brangellina and sometimes (rarest of rare) about few outdated models of global warming.
By the way I really did not likes Paris Hilton’s sobbing photo. And Oh yes, she was not crying for the sentence she got, but for the terrible failure of the recently held G8 summit which was focused on GLOBAL WARMING.

Economical Sense

Now come to the economics of every thing related to global warming. Economics is the wheel on which runs politics. You name me a thing and I will tell you that it is in some way or other adding to the global warming. And this just do not limits to the non living things but to the living beings too. I was thinking of adding another topic, like Scientific sense but wont be able to do that as I am already under sever time crunch, my exams are running, so I have to run. One of the major reason behind global warming is undoubtedly the burning of carbon fuel, and this world is running on fuel economy. Whether it be OPEC, US, China or India all are eying hydrocarbon fuel some where or other on globe. This all is required to maintain the fuel security so currently I am not foreseeing any kind of halt in this spree. Then comes the other major source, which would be much better considering global warming, that is radioactive fuel. And for our country many more developing countries like us, there are already many stringent conditions to follow before getting some kind of certificate from a group of developed nation.
Every industry produces some kind of pollution, and this pollution in some way or other contributes to the production of green house gases. As our economy is growing our requirements will only see an increment. One of the important decisions which we have to take is before making any sort of choices, because some products require some really nasty process to be manufactured.
I will try to bring spotlight on scientific sense behind global warming and the extent to which we can manage it through our daily life.

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