You, Me and Energy.

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Energy Disparity

____________ = k Energy = Carbon(k)

Carbon Disparity

This blog off late was very focused on my creative stint with literature, and not so on my technological overviews. To say, you can remove Kartik from science, but not science from Kartik, so be it. One more thing which I would like to tell is that its examination season here, and my next exam which by any measure is very important, is all about energy, ecology, environment and society. This subject is somehow responsible for my this post, but the thing which really launched me to my computer chair was the Global economic summit, or something like that(forgot the name).

Not discussing much about the summit and coming back on the topic of energy and carbon, I think the formula I mentioned is very much clear even to the one who is not well versed with mathematics…( you still need to know the basics). Explaining it, its nothing but proving that carbon produced at present as we very well know is directly proportional to the amount energy used ( Here k is the carbon constant). World though globalised is yet not fair and equal, and it starts with energy and ends on carbon. There is a wide gap in per capita energy need between a resident of a developing nation and the one in developed nation. This some how as discussed accordingly is, translates into the carbon disparity. Energy diparity cn be directly linked to the development of a nation, and so can be the pollution. Reason being that with the present technologies which are very much dependent on carbon for energy, the more you use them, the more they will lead to the carbon production. We are having options but the options are either still under scientific domain, or are only in the reach of the rich.

Focusing on India, which is still beating its wings to get into the league of developed nations, is in a very trivial state. Since being a nation under the lime light due to its current economic growth, it is being asked to check its carbon emission and on the other hand, as it is not a developed nation, facing problems of electricity shortage is in dire need of energy, which means more production of carbon. Though due to this very reason India enjoys a very significant position in the market of Carbon credit, but we in no normal logic can undermine India’s energy needs. India being on the leaner side of carbon production can cash on the international carbon credit policy, but the question remains for how long.

Development with itself bring various advantages, and one of them is being a first. This position is being still enjoyed by various nations. Lesser you are developed more the chains are around you. I am not hoping for sudden open sourcing in technology as it will mar the profits of being the first, so this brings India and nations on similar ground to become first. They have to somehow work in the manner so that they can remain on the profitable side of carbon economy and also on the healthier side of energy economy. We can not deny that the call of present is to save the globe from global warming, but we can also not deny from the fact that this whole scenario which includes carbon, energy, global warming is a rut. As it is with any kind of rut, you need to do some thing extra ordinary to come out of it. Demand of present is some extensive research in the fields of energy, and if it requires some global technological collaboration then on nation should not shy from that, this applies to developed and developing alike. Money is a sure lure, but to have a better world we need to have a much bigger goal and that is global sustainability. If we will survive for longer duration, I am sure there will be more options for earning money for all the people alike. Lets keep few things out of the money vision binoculars, and one of them has to be energy, and other can always be AIDS.

Disclaimer: This post was originally posted on my blog Kattak

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Madder than the Maddest cow…

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Cow is integral part of Indian psyche. Cow have two ears, one tail, two beautiful eyes…do you wish to read the essay on cow…
Your wish granted, I am not going to write that.
My point is to bring your attention, on cows. Cutting across religions, classes, sects and all, we some how pay great respect to these creatures. Wonderful they are, intelligent they are, but still we dont have some Cowgirl(with super powers) so as to celebrate the cow culture in India. I can see, so can you, Cows which are so very important are not being treated as they should be, they are not enjoying the amount of respect which they should. What are they getting against their calm demeanor, they are being thrown out of cities…I am angry. I firmly believe that they should not be treated the ways humans are treated in our country, because humans are treated in mighty bad way. They deserve much higher level of respect and rights. They should have their very own meadows, where they can move freely and do what ever they can. And yes, there should not be any moral policing. And if some cow, among the new generation of free cows, rais some voice and write something against the old cowhood, then no one should release some fatwa against her. This nation needs freer cows,because we have not been able to provide the freedom which we though to humans. Since cows are regarded as hostel of all the Gods, so how can we not provide them freedom. Every cow, for that matter bulls also, should be allowed to shit the place the want in their Utopian meadow…come on its their creative freedom.
I personally am very inspired by the way cows behave and also with their punctuality, they always come at nearly same time for the small roti which my mom makes fot them. I am telling you that if these wonderful animals one day decide that hey deserve much more freedom than what we are giving them then its going to be a bad day…no coffees no teas no milk nothing. If they release fatwa and decide that they are not going to do any thing for the society, then from where are we going to have our new wisdom. Cows have from long and we can even go to terming it as immemorial time been very peaceful, lemme tell you, if they now decide to go the other way then you know what it can cause…
Lets give cows some freedom…Please…no fatwas….no killing…no over milking…we need more and more healthy cows for having a healthier nation.

After Effects of reading this article…

  1. You are looking for your footwear so as to go out and help the cow.
  2. THE COW in you is alive again.
  3. You are madder than the maddest cow, and looking for the opportunities to meet me…
  4. You didnt understood a word of what I have written and now you feel that I am living too close to cows.

As I always say….Feel free to comment.

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Big Adda in Alpha

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I last time posted about Big Adda over here. And now they are in alpha. They banked on silent publicity, firstly they went for public opinion poll for their logo, which now is two hi fives. They are currently in alpha, and you can ask for invite on the site and hope that they will be sending it to you pretty soon, as I am doing.
The fact is that India is a growing market, and number of internet connections are going to increase and so will the market of social networking. Presently there is no path breaking or very wonderful Indian social network which are like mere clones to what My Space is doing. And the fact is that no body is doing it in the way My Space had done. So if Reliance Entertainment want to be the part of it then they are thinking it in right way.
What seems form their first page is that they have done it all, that is they are providing a home grown video hosting site, blogging platform, social networking platform(obviously), and then something sort of communities which they are calling addas. Orkut communities have already created some news in India, and it would be very good for Big Adda to have any controversy matching Orkut controversies. But are they ready to face lawsuits, which Google+Youtube are facing, because users will surely upload such stuff which can prove fatal for a small network. But small network may not fall under any radar, but a networking site backed by a big business organization can call unknown troubles pretty soon. But this is all stored in unknown future. Ant till then we can only hope for an early invite of Big Adda so that we can check it out.

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यह अपनी भाषा है.

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में अपने आप को रोक ना सका ओर में हिंदी में पहला पोस्ट कर रह हूँ। कुछ खामियां हैं पर कुछ नहीं से कुछ तो बेहतर है। आप लोग खुद ट्राय करें एवम बताएं।
It was there all the time and I didnt saw it. Blogger people should relocate the position of the latest news. And if you people have figured it our how to type hindi in hindi then please tell it to me. But this move will take blogger far far away from many other blogging platforms including WordPress, in India. This will also enable lot of people to use their blog as an educating medium, which would be a very healthy turnout of events.
By the way to see hindi option go to settings>basic> and then you will be able to figure it out on your self.

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Big Adda… Is it really from Reliance.

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As of things are going and if Amit from Webyantra is to be believed then Reliance entertainment industries is redying its Social network for India. And if that is true then Indian socail networking space which has been plagued by few clones and a snaily Orkut, can hope for something very interseting. Reliance Entertainment which recently launched Zapak gaming portal and also launched Zapak mail which is one the most irritating client, is under Anil Ambani and if it is his decision then I think they have got one good team at Reliance. Success of MySpace can inspire any one to fall in this race.
But the big question… Is news truly true…
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
They have named it as Big Adda, and currently they are asking users to vote for their logo. This is a nice startegy, becuase this step gives you time before launching and also get known. But the mother of all question, can they beat Orkut, which without any doubt is Indias biggest social network which is under Google’s umbrella.

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Indians can have their own chips.

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I love chips, this should not be mistaken with potato chips. I love semi conductor chips. This post is under the influence of echo, which is the after effect of a big announcement by Indian government. India is now with a chip policy, though it is an year late but it was certainly worth the wait. There is large amount of cheers in Indian Inc. and mind you they are right to do so.
To summarize,
Govt. will pick 20% of capital expenditure of manufacturing facility.
Minimum investment is $550 Millions for one who is aspiring.
There will be extra concessions for company opting land outside SEZ.

Land is certainly fertile but is devoid of farmers. When would the farmers would be coming? India is already on with Semindia, which will work like Maruti, working in technical collaboration with AMD, as AMD will but stipulated amount of chips coming out of Semindia, and would be providing the tech know how. But still this wonderful land can hold more than one company and waiting for market leader, Intel.
Another question could be, why now, and isn’t it late. China+Taiwan+Korea are already producing cheap chips and are flooding market, and if India spends large amount of money now then its kind of waste. But I feel that such doubts are misplaced, but yes India have to carve out their own niche when it comes to type, quality and extensive R&D.
I will certainly looking forward and would be keeping my eyes on it. Because this field will provide nice job opportunities. 😉

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Bazaar on web, Its Future Bazaar.

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I am one person who enjoys going to any kind of bazaar, whether it be sabzi(vegetables) or kapada (cloth/clothes)bazaar. But here I am not discussing about me and my shopping instincts. Internationally WalMart is a well known franchise, and as of Indian perspective, they are coming soon to this old land, in partnership with Bharti. But this again is not what we are going to discuss. India is opening its retail market and next budget round the corner people(companies) are hoping for more freedom in FDI(foreign direct investment). But Wal*Mart wont be first to enter in as retail business, and they would be striving real hard to get the bigger chunk of retail pie. There are 4-5 chains which are doing great job nation wide, and the news of WalMart has led to market consolidation, as few bigger player have bought few smaller yet powerful regional players. But again economics is not in which I can call myself a Genghis Khan. Now let us zero on the main theme, bazaar on net, Big Bazaar which is one of the few big players in retailing are already gearing up to face might and experience of WalMart not only on land but also in wires. Mother company of Big Bazaar, Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd., has floated out its online shopping arm, in form of Future Bazaar, though I am not sure what future are they talking about, because online shopping is not something new, and there are already few player in India for online shopping.
Future Bazaar holds only one major advantage which is keeping it above its competition is their experience and a bigger catalog. But as a website it has nothing innovative. Its same conventional online shopping website. Website design is not inspiring, and neither are the discounts. Only thing which I liked about it was the product viewing which is like set of few images which are enlarged on mouse roll over. This is only thing which it has done better than the cliche. One more thing which I can mention as their plus point is sites speed, its fast, it had faster upload time per page, and registration was also pretty quick.
Finally if you ask whats my take, then I would say, it has got a big catalog, and a name to bank upon, but as a website there is nothing which would get you hooked, and this is probably due to flawed mindset, which does not consider online shopping to be big. Yes I agree that Indian buyers are probably most fussy in the world but they don’t sue after finding something wrong. And if you think that this will make your job easier than let me tell you, no, it won’t, you wont realize and one day you would find even a single customer to log in. I would certainly be trying future bazaar in near future, but would also hope that they ring out something innovative to get their merchandise rolling before the big bad boy comes in.

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Third most used language…Hindi

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Hindi is one of the oldest language or can be said as the direct decedent of the oldest language, Sanskrit. Recently we covered Sanskrit Voice, a website for sanskrit language. Here I am writing about the Government of India initiative for ease of computer related use of Hindi. And the best thing about it is that it is open source. One can go to Technology Development for Indian Language website and down load most of the tools. And if you are residing anywhere in India then you can submit the form for getting a free CD. I got my CD today, though I filled form some two months back, and this is only gory point.

These are the things which they will be sending you…

कोड परिवर्तक

वर्तनी संशोधक

ओपन ऑफ़िस


ई-मेल क्लायंट

ओ सी आर






Browser is our very own firefox, I havent checked which version it is, but most probably it won’t be 2.0. But still if you have some one who is not well versed in english and you still want that they must use computer then you must get the CD. Other tools are also very nice and are working properly, without any bugs.

So if you want to Indianise your PC then you must get them as soon as possible.

And not only Hindi there are softwares for two other languages, that is Tamil and Telugu.

But other most prominent this which was there in background was that Indian government is trying to promote Linux OS in a sublime manner.

One fact which still stands that computer in a nation like India is still limited to educated class not because of the price factor but due to language factor. Government should try to join hands with Google to bring up online translation tool based on Google Translation.

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A youth in tech blogging.

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A youth, and thats not me. Here that youth is Yuvi, a guy aged 15, from Chennai. Mind you, you would certainly question his age after you read his posts. But the point to mention is that in India blogging is certainly more of a part of youth culture than is of official culture, as there are far more blogs from youth than by middle aged man/woman.
But lets come to our point, A youth… Yuvi.
What a way to get the light, and that too international light, from just two posts.
What he is doing is very interesting, he has written 2 post analyzing Robert Scoble’s blog. Robert Scoble, yeah the celebrity Robert Scoble. Analysis is certainly paranormal, and by the virtue of thse two post he got his name mentioned in Scobleizer, Scoble’s Blog, which is being read by thousands a day.
What Yuvi did is one real wonderful thing and that to was matched by his impeccable analysis, based on facts in form of graphs and charts. The most intelligent part I reckon is the selection of person to be analyzed, Robert Scoble is one person who write about tech and non-tech with high amount of conviction which allows Yuvi to have larger set of data to help him analyze.
As of 2006, for any startup it was one of the important thing to be analyzed by Micheal Arrington on Techcrunch. And this would probably remain so for 2007. But here in blogosphere there is one more addition, that is, it might become and important thing to be analyzed by Yuvi as its for startups to be analyzed by Techcrunch. As of Yuvi, he got more than double, clicks on his blog after getting his name mentioned by Scoble.
He is certainly one blogger whom I am going to follow and that too closely.

Hey is there any one out there who is going to analyze Yuvi’s blog….


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Governent websites and a social structure.

Posted on December 26, 2006. Filed under: India, social networking, Society and technology |

This is another post from my college premises, and let me tell you that AC over her eis working top class. And the computers are uber cool and the one thing to sum it all is that I am enjoying it.
Now let us come back to our central theme, now this idea struck me just now and I am glad that I am first to werite about it. Indian government is having lot of sites, which are there to provide information about XYZ of India. Now that is ther job, but is that all, or to frame it other way cant there be more things which our Governments can do to their websites. And the answer is indeed they can do lot of things and I think they should do it quickly, because it is allways better to be first than being last.
After the arrival of Youtube and the rising of social networking culture, if your site is socialy hip then it will certainly be a big plus point.
Look it this way, count the number of video tutorials over internet after the arrival of Youtube and the brigade of its clone and you will realise that what I mean to say. The fact is that you wont be able to count them, as they just keep on increasing. It is same with the flickr and brigade. Now the photo is not just the end but itsa new starting as lot of meta data is being attached to photos and which certainly make them more usefull. Why can Government can make its informative sites more social, why not let people submit their data at very same place from where they are finding it.
Its not that difficult because it is only taking some 150$ to have youtube clone. And very same ammount for devloping forums and social networks. And if you have them around your central theme what ever it may be, then itcan allways be a plus point. They can always add wikis, they can add forums, they can certainly add lots of other features which can make them more of Web 2.0 class and lesser of the old breed.
Newer is certainly better in this case. Now one must be pretty hopefull to see all the govt. sites bitten byweb2.0 bug.

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