Mein tech. blogger ban-na chahata hun!

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Mein tech. blogger ban-na chahata hun! >>> I want to become a tech blogger.
If this is what you say after waking up one day, then…then nothing. You can certainly be one. For an example you can look to this very blog. Some times I post such bizarre posts that I feel shame after posting them…but I will still call my self a technology blogger, and would dump this fact down your throats every time you read this blog till the day you start believing that I am one GODY-GEEK Tech blogger, till the day you start believing every single word I will be writing no matter how much far those may be from neutrality. Currently richest bloggers are the tech blogger so if you are fed up with you job and ready to sit at home and write few idiotic lines on some very similar looking websites yes websites, but keep this word to your self as now a days people don’t call websites websites but every thing other than website. If you don’t know much about any technology, and is neither interested in latest in technology then also dont loose your hope, meadows out there are very green. What you need to do is just keep your eyes open and let the horses of your brain run wild. And then whatever comes to your mind, just write it down, and remember please don’t sit for editing, editing is Oh! so old. Still if you dont know which way to go then just follow few links on this blog and slowly and slowly you will reach to the den of richest bloggers. And then you would realize that every thing else is nothing but mirror image of the rich fellows. What about GG, hey! at GG our motto is to think on ourselves and and never think again on what we just thought.
Once again lets come on our basic point, what if after doing everything you feel that you are still a cipher, simply go to http://scobleizer.com , over there a fat guy writes his blog who keeps on mentioning about his link blog, and is highly excited about every thing. Try to bring that excitement in your writing, then think about what technology is used in your flush and how can a social network be used for that, or why not use some twitter like service to mention the status of what you do before flushing, and then write it on twitter and then doubly write it on your blog while adding how twitter helped you to release your constipation. In single words, write write write about what you just read from the Rich men blogs, try to prove same point with some addition, which you will easily get from the left overs of other readers in form of comments, you can also add some thing from your self, you can always use your flush for help, the last step is important so as to prove that you are one individualistic writer. Then depending on amount of substance you copied from Rich men blogs, give a link to their site on your blog. Hey…there is also a rule behind this…if you have copied more than 200 words as it is, then there is no need to leave a backlink, as readers who by mistakingly fall on your blog will realize where the content is from. But ye sif you havent done so and if its about 50 to 100 words then leave a backlink, this will show how honest you are. Always remember ‘Honesty is the best policy’, and not expressing your honesty, i.e., not leaving a backlink, is not dishonesty. You will always get some easy things to write, they are known as social networks. Every other social network is sane to the previous one. You can always find a thing r two which wont be according o your liking and then you can just be cynical self and write as per your piped vision about that social network. And if you are finding any difficulty to trace new social networks , go to Mashable or Techcrunch they will ease lots of things for you (remember, those 100 words)
After 10 blog entries and subscribing to few blogs you will find your tech. blogging mojo, and then you can dream of becoming a Rich men, on your self.

In posts to come I will also mention, how I came into this world of tech blogging.

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Few more crimes in webosphere.

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I was wondering that is this blog of mine, which is indeed a geek zone for me, should hold some of smaller posts where there is no review or preview, no commentary, nothing intelligent what so ever. I though, I realized, that if it is geeky enough then it should be on Geek Gam.

This internet world has been a bed rock of new type crimes as compared to previous century. Ok add new crimes, and these are blogging crimes…

  • Writing for Pay Per Post.
  • Digg or its clone baiting.
  • Taking inspiration from popular blogs 😀 , in a big way.
  • Hmmm… using PORN tags for not so raunchy content.
  • Self commenting.

Are there any more… ok then do write them in comments box.

I am still unable to understand why my sister always(nearly) gives her comments on Telephone, and write here on this blog.

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