Wiredness, indeed but simple.

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This is not at all a post to reckon with, and this site might not be listed by any of the A list bloggers, for a very simple reason that this is not a out of the world web application. This has been done by many others and would be done by many more. Wiredness is a simple image manipulator, but what strikes is its utter simplicity. You go on site and you know that you have to upload image, only one at a time, and do some manipulation, save it, take your image and go away. Written using Prototype.

All this is fine at its own place, but this is not more than a project for the guy who made it. One can be sure after seeing the simplicity that there is no big organization behind it. Only big site which is as simple as this is, is Google.

There is still one thing which is itching my brain, what kind of money making model can be there behind any image manipulator over the web. With Picasa from Google which is not a very big application and having some kind of roots in webosphere is more than enough for minor editing. Then why would some one go to such image manipulator. The only possible situation when I will go to online image editor is when I would be with my bags, i.e; traveling. And whole world is not packing its bag. Not talking about Wierdness in particular, any image editing option available online does not excite me more than being a good piece of code. There are already big players with some editing tools, and there are few with experience. Even the person behind wierdness would be knowing that he wont be getting any thing VC funding from what he did, and the max he would be getting will be some highly valuable experience, and a good thing to put in his CV.

Only thing which I can say to every one, and to self is, keep creating.

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This is cool…can you believe it!

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I can not hide my child like feelings and when everI get any such cool thing then I put them here and thats it.
I came to knew about it via Technix Update,
You can get such clipping from Fodey

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