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I have in my last post have already mentioned why was I not able to post for nearly two weeks. But what is stopping me to write post now…nothing but I think some times…just like phase of moon my hands deny to obey my desires and watching them my brain start feeling lazy. Somehow amount of ideas that can be materialized are not satisfyingly high, which is one reason I am not feeling to write. By the most of my time is spent in reading books, and that is one thing which I am enjoying during these days. And one more thing which is occupying my brain cells is the design of my book shelf. I am planning to change my previous book shelf is quite dull and uninspiring. So this time I want a inspiring book rack, but to get that one have to get few people ready to shelve money out for your revolutionary design…and in this case its my parents whom I have to convince for the mega change. I am watching latest design, scrolling pages after pages and sometimes start feeling like a great designer myself, but that does not change one thing, that I am still short of getting one heavenly book shelf, which even the best designer can envy. But never say never, and then never say never to a thought because you never know that it might not return ever.
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Dad, web, books and this blog.

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I was lately planning to start penning some sort of autobiography. And the name which came to my mind was “Books and Roses”, only those who are quite near to me can understand why I will name my autobiography this way. But for those who are not that near and are still finding themselves reading this post, I have only one thing to say, ‘name is quite easy to understand’. Whenever it comes to posting on this blog, the first question which strike me is why the number of posts on this blog are so less, or in other words why I post so irregularly on this blog. This is no excuse, but most of my thinking time is consumed by my books and the life related to my engineering studies. So, I can not just be a full time blogger.
Currently its examination season going on in my college, out of phase from rest of the universities in India. So as it should be, I should be spending more time with my course books rather than on web, and the person who thinks, I have improved with my language, and style thinks, I should shun blogging for few days to come. And that person is none other than My father. He does not visit this blog, its the email feed which I got him subscribed, and which is for most of the time nothing more than a spam make him read my posts. The other reader whom I think is most important to me is My sister, who some how manages to drop on my blog, and post a comment or two, or tell her views over phone. So for now they are the person whom I would like to thanks most, to encourage me to write more and more.
Lately I have been associated with few group blogging projects. One for my college, named interestingly, Friday Colours, and other is Balshree blog this one is from group of students from all over India who won President’s award from their creativity in respective fields. So somehow these two projects also took time from my blogging time. Then there is my personal blog, Kattak, where I write my rumblings. All these blogs are taking the limited time which I have got to blog. But still I have few brilliant visions for this blog, and would soon work on them and get them materialized. But for now you have to wait, for few more days for posts on webosphere to come regularly.
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I was not down…

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I was out and that too without computer. I was not at a place where computer would not have worked, but I simply did not took my lapy with me. To mention I was at IIT Roorkee to take part in their techfest. And was that cool…that was awesome. Though I was down and out in most of the events in 1st stages itself, ( i was under prepared ) but enjoyed every bit of my stay over there.
I did two wrongs…
Forgot to took my camera with me.
Forgot to took my laptop.

And from next time I wont repeat this mistake.

And from today post will start as usual… if you came over here in the lull time, then I am really grateful to you.

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Why didn’t I posted?

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I was busy, with my SIS who arrived day b4 yesterday, so was busy with her nad then there was holy…Why didnt I posted yesterday…

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Why didn’t I posted?

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I was busy, with my SIS who arrived day b4 yesterday, so was busy with her nad then there was holy…Why didnt I posted yesterday…

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Blog to Mlog?

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Its grossly a personal choice to include advertisements or not. I was kind off undecided, that whether I should include advertisements or not, but now I have made up my mind to include few advertisements.
Reasons behind me putting advertisements…
I am spending too much time on computer and its time when I want to see returns.
I am planning for a video blog, for which I need a camera, and I am not having funds.

Blogging is still a hobby for me, rather can be called as a serious hobby. As its not a full time job so… so what? I can still ask for money. [;-)]

So the news is that I have decided to put few advertisements on this blog.

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Another endeavour.

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Blogging about blogging is one of the crappiest thing on blog, but its is also one of the most satisfying thing. This is not a review post, but a preview post of my another blog. It is IMWMI, that is the abbreviated form for ‘I am Weaving My Ideas’, this is my idea blog. I felt that few things should not be mashed up together and therefore I kept my idea blog away from Geekgam. My personal views about my friends and more of my personal and literary life is on Kattak. This makes three blogs which I keep regularly updated.

When I dont have anything to do I bring up new ideas, and create them in forms of Slogs, though none of the have been successful since they become too manual, but I still think they are very interesting concepts. Here is a list of my slogs, which are currently quite dry at this moment.

Obit-I : This is about writing a personal obituary.

This is a very interesting concept, it is not just funny, and a kind of jibe towards ‘The inevitable’, but also a nice management exercise, where in a large amount of analysis can be done on your obituary. To send in your own obituary, mail us at obited@gmail.com

Listed 10* : This is about sharing lists of 10.

I have always felt that lists serve more purpose as compared to other things. List provide simple yet crisp information, and since this is being done on a blogging platform, there will always be possibility of great numbers of comments. And these comments account for intelligent discussion over a simple list. Now if you want to submit your list then mail it to 10listed@gmail.com, from there I would bring it on blog with your name, and then send you its link. This is a manual task and that is why a slow process, and I am trying to bring in few more people to make it fast.

Then there are few kinky use of Google co-op by me:

Torrentry : Meta search for torrents.

Jobooze : Meta search for Jobs.

Socialitis : Searches few social networks. And it really works finely.

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Listed 10* : Have you listed your 10?

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Where can you find top ten list for any genre, I googled and I found none. I am a firm believer in the power of social networking. Just these two things lead to Listed 10*, its not a blog in true sense, neither it is a website, nor it is a social networking site. Its a highly social form of blog, we are basically trying to keep it uber simple. SO that the content can take the main seat and not the everything else than content.

We are presently using blogger blogging platform to our benefit, and will continue to do so, till we really get a large following. Till then it would be a manual process and nearly every thing will pass through a human check.

Okkkay… that was some clarification… now what is i all about…

Pretty simple… it all about listings, you have a list and you publish it on our blog, by sending it to us as a mail to 10listed@gmail.com

We will publish it as soon as possible, and and will send you your link, which will enable you to circulate among your friends, so that they can start commenting on your list. We certainly believe that every list have potential to bring up some intelligent conversation in their own respect.

So just think of a subject, think of a list and then mail it to us.

Since it is a blog, so you can always cross reference it on your blog or your site, you can always get the RSS feeds, so for us it is blogging at its best.

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Youth Against AIDS.

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Its not that geek but necessary enough to place it on this blog.

Today I am happy, very happy that I have materialized one of my old dream, a truly social site against HIV, that too free of cost. I thought about it in summer last year, then now nearly after year and half, when I am deep in social blogging, after materializing few of my other projects suddenly this old idea of mine struck me once again on another World AIDS Day. I dont know weather this idea of mine is unique or not, it doesn’t matter, the thing which matter is that we will need lot of people, that to youth to mobilize whole world against AIDS.
So make your presence felt at Youth Against AIDS

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