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Dad, web, books and this blog.

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I was lately planning to start penning some sort of autobiography. And the name which came to my mind was “Books and Roses”, only those who are quite near to me can understand why I will name my autobiography this way. But for those who are not that near and are still finding themselves reading this post, I have only one thing to say, ‘name is quite easy to understand’. Whenever it comes to posting on this blog, the first question which strike me is why the number of posts on this blog are so less, or in other words why I post so irregularly on this blog. This is no excuse, but most of my thinking time is consumed by my books and the life related to my engineering studies. So, I can not just be a full time blogger.
Currently its examination season going on in my college, out of phase from rest of the universities in India. So as it should be, I should be spending more time with my course books rather than on web, and the person who thinks, I have improved with my language, and style thinks, I should shun blogging for few days to come. And that person is none other than My father. He does not visit this blog, its the email feed which I got him subscribed, and which is for most of the time nothing more than a spam make him read my posts. The other reader whom I think is most important to me is My sister, who some how manages to drop on my blog, and post a comment or two, or tell her views over phone. So for now they are the person whom I would like to thanks most, to encourage me to write more and more.
Lately I have been associated with few group blogging projects. One for my college, named interestingly, Friday Colours, and other is Balshree blog this one is from group of students from all over India who won President’s award from their creativity in respective fields. So somehow these two projects also took time from my blogging time. Then there is my personal blog, Kattak, where I write my rumblings. All these blogs are taking the limited time which I have got to blog. But still I have few brilliant visions for this blog, and would soon work on them and get them materialized. But for now you have to wait, for few more days for posts on webosphere to come regularly.
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Best way to earn?

Posted on April 22, 2007. Filed under: My comments |

If you ask me the best way to earn, and if you become more specific then I without any doubt use a four letter word, PORN. Yup, I dont a know a single society where there are no stigmas attached to this word(do mention me if you know one).
Now, the question is how to earn money, pretty simple and that too, being at home. Buy a Youtube clone software, buy some space, and then make it porn and adult only. Ant then sit at home because money will be coming to your bank without ant trouble. Oh you should not forget to put 18+ statement in your website.
Whole issue is highly social and worth great research and have already taken too many lives in all possible ways, so I dont feel any need to mention them all again. The world is getting more and more free day by day, more and more services are getting user generated, more and more will get that type. There are already lesbian and gay specific social networks. And then there would be few soon coming networks catering the needs of mass killers. I dont know, and neither I would say that I would or would not make any such network.

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Photoshop to be online! What next?

Posted on March 5, 2007. Filed under: My comments, web services, Web Technology |

This is a pre-holi news, and a big one. If blogospher is to be believed then( as I haven’t found a direct Adobe link till yet) Adobe would be launching online Photoshop it any time in coming six months. This would surely be a toned down version, and might be very much like what is already available. When it comes to desktop photo editing Photoshop is a market leader, and it is quite clear that they want to use their name in online world. They would be taking on Google who is a currently a online app king. But I think Zoho is also doing more than few correct things. But when it comes to photo editing I think an online version would serve two purposes, first it would bring them some revenue through advertisements and second this will probably attract customers to buy their desktop software. You can find a free copy of Photoshop from place you surely know, and this is hitting Adobe in a nasty way. What I would love to see is some kind of point system which could later be in cashed as a discount for Photoshop. It just an idea, but I suppose it will encourage users to work more on online photoshop this will gradually add some more money in Adobe’s pockets. Other good thing they can do is to bring up API for their online product very much like Google earth. This reason behind this ideas is my belief, ‘ more seen>more used>more revenue.’ We all know what a simple community driven widget in sidebar of a blogger can do for a website. When people can use some app for free, they start feeling a kind of bond with that service provider, then it doesn’t matter whether that company do some evil or not. And this love generates revenue, we all know it don’t we?
If you want a following, and this one also go for bigwigs, then you must show a free friendly face on internet, your advertisements should not be to bright to make user feel that he is being used, and this will keep the relation friendly, for long time. This also brings us to one other big question, will Microsoft do something similar, are they ready to be a force in online world, who knows…
I think Adobe’s Illustrator is also one good contender to be an online app. Will COREL jump to this online wagon?(Do you remember COREL?) One more thing which strikes to me, will some open source application also come in an online application form, who knows? GIMP may be next. With the rise of Flash and Flex as one of the preferred set as rich media generator, Adobe is really on steroids.
One thing leads to other, one thread leads to other, and scientists also say that this world is made up of strings. When we talk any thing online we some how also bring mobile devices in bigger equation. One can simply go on and think on using Photoshop on his iPhone! And other string lead us to one heated problem, What about small fishes who spent few caffeinated nights for developing online image, video editors?
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What do I do when I am online?

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Among my local friends I am one guy who remains online for most of the time(arguably), and one question I often face is, what do I do when I am online? I don’t know how many of my local friends would be reading this post, as many of them are non blog surfers. But I feel that this will one good thing to share. First of all, let me mention that I use Firefox as my browser, second I use my laptop whenever it is available, because it gives me freedom to use my bed as my net-zone. Third point, which is not related to online surfing but would love to share, I always keep my winamp on while surfing, and use Foxytunes to control it from my browser.
As I have mentioned that I use Firefox, I work on multiple tabs, nearly always.

They are the must, then few tabs which I open up prominently are:

I will then use any of the last mentioned tabs as my Stumble page. After Google Reader, it the stumble upon which is taking upon me. Its turning out to be one wonderful add on, it can keep you rolling for hours at a go, and I will crumble on my bed, or jump in books only due to fatigue not boredom.
Other application other than browser is Gtalk which is always on. I prefer Gtalk when compared to Yahoo IM for simple one reason that is, it is less fussy than Yahoo IM client. And even for Yahoo, I prefer using Gaim.
This is how I spend most of my time online. One more thing which I would like to mention that broadband have take away one person away from TV and thats me. After broadband came to my life I am spending quite less time in front of TV. And I am also waiting for higher speed so that we can jump to IP-TV, that would be quite interesting. Last time, on Holi Special when I saw KBC ( Not for SRK but for Rani), I just thought of how IP-TV can bring a paradigm shift in television industry, we will easily be able to vote for, audience poll, can take part in game directly. One thing which I would suggest is that, think of reality television, and then think of IP-TV and then…you will be saying EUREKA.

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CPR: Video Demonstration.

Posted on February 27, 2007. Filed under: My comments |

This was one thing which I wanted to learn in school, but wasnt taught. This is certainly what I would love to learn in college, but probably won’t be taught. There is very less ammount entusiasm about primary medical care, in our eduation department. I got this damn good video from, you can check for more ssuch videos, and run them on net. Yup, I remember that this is GG, and not Health Gam, but a geek or two will certainly get a CPR when required if people will know about it.
I will still suggest to consult your doctor for more information and learn the finer points about it. ANd one more thing, this is an American video, thus for my Indian viewers which forms the majority…dont dial 911 [;-)] but 102 for ambulence.

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Social stigma and networking.

Posted on February 25, 2007. Filed under: My comments, social networking |

Since this is a one man and presently a non commercial blog, I don’t know till what date this fact will remain true, but at present this is the truth and by the virtue of that truth this blog is one of my personal blogs. By personal blogs, I mean to say that sometimes few personal things will leak into it, and thats not a crime (since I haven’t found any law book).
To start with, I have started doing yoga, and to mention I attended Baba Ramdev’s yoga camp. But that was no camp if you go by numbers, cos’ there were some 20k+ people who attended it daily for 6 days. But why am I sharing all this information on GG which is a geeky blog, about latest in technology, or web, or in other words anything techy to mention?
Web2.0 as I feel is more about sharing than about AJAX+Javascript+interactivity etc. But what sharing are we talking about, sharing to what limit. Am I supposed to share the names of girlfriends I have or the state of my stomach after eating a roadside chowmeen, which indeed I am not going to, and would prefer to leave it on your brain power.
Success of any new social network of any type known or unknown is based on few things:

  • Getting the alpha guy or girl.
  • Being an important part of communication.
  • And keeping users motivated.

There can be more reasons but I think at some stage you can zero on these three for any kind of social network. One point I didn’t mentioned but can be regarded as an equally important point is, its absorption in different cultures. And you will also so find that some how all these points are inter-related.

Getting the alpha guy/girl : You can go on Mashable and find a new social network reviewed daily. Sometimes its for papa, sometimes for mumma, sometimes for dog lovers, some times for gays and some times for not so gays also, that you start feeling that you can open a social network of own for banana lovers. But key to success of any social network is to get the alpha guy/girl/gay/mom/dad/banana lover. You get them and you get their group most likely.
So to have successful social network you need to get alpha for your beta. And let me tell you best alpha to get is a blogger(guy/girl/gay/mom/dad/banana lover) to cover your beta.

Being an important part of communication
: My prime motivation behind this blog post is Robert Scoble‘s daily rambling about Twitter. How? Go to his blog and as of present you may find every 3rd post mentioning Twitter and sometimes you feel that he is working for them(likely not). Twitter some how became an integral part of his daily communication, and to mention he is an alpha(guy/dad/and who knows, a banana lover). Falling on my experience on which I can certainly bank on is importance of Orkut in my communication. I dont find a new friend daily, neither I scroll through friends of friends of friends, what I mostly do is communicate with people I know, and thus it is an important part of my communication. But a communication will only occur if you have active friends in your list, and not like a girl who added me as her friend and never scrapped me back, and she seldom visit Orkut now. Hell, I really feel bad, for her not contacting me.

Keeping user motivated : To understand it, you can refer the last few lines of previous paragraph, about the girl. She probably lost the motivation and now she does not feel any need to visit Orkut any more, or else there is some kind of stigma regarding social networking. And some poor news for poor Orkut didn’t helped the cause either. But all in all we can sat that user lost her or his motivation to stick to a particular network. This can probably occur due to stigma factor or utility factor. For any social network like any FMCG, its utility is very important. Social networks can easily be classified as FMCG of web, or as a pack of FMCGs. Now if I find another social network which is more useful than the one I am spending most of my time currently, then I may shift keeping other two points in mind, which once again weave all the points together.

One point which I mentioned but didnt included it in the main 3s was the acceptance of any social network in a society. Acceptance derives its roots from the upbringing, complete social outlook and many other factors which are are worth of a PhD research. I don’t think that a banana lover’s network would be successful in India, but it may be a super hit in Banana Island. Because Indians might not find apt to share their banana eating skills or habits. Or there can be a stigma attached of ‘What if?’ if tell others that I eat two bananas at one go and like this there can be more and can be different for other social networks.
To sum it all, I can only tell you one thing, try as many social networks as possible but do keep a list of them, because you never know that one of those social network start fulfilling all these points one day, and become a hit between you and your friend. And yes one more thing, best way to check that whether you are alpha(…) is to join a social network and then send invitations to your friends and then see how many of them joined it.

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Where are girls?

Posted on February 17, 2007. Filed under: My comments |

I was hovering over various profiles of Indian bloggers on Mybloglog, I found few nice bloggers, but my surprise I find not a single girl other than Divya Uttam’s Blogging to fame blog. But it was more of blogging about healthy blogging. I am and neither will be sorry if at the end of this post you feel that this was a sexist post. Because I really mean what I am writing. There are few cool blogs by girls I know, and there must be many more by girls whom I don’t know but the point is how many Indian girls are writing on a technology blog. Not many.
I believe that girls write with greater grace than boys who are more brutal in their writing. Humph…there are few more things which girls do better than boys and can be incorporated in their blogging. But I will leave any such thing for psychologists.
My point is from where would the chances of Blogger’s Setting would come, if there would be no female bloggers, and more precisely female bloggers. I have discussed about technology with my friends for hours, and many future hours would be spent on it. I have discussed about technology with many of my friends who eventually were girls but they do not blog. So the final set up says that I don’t have a single female blogger to drink coffee with, or have a nice dinner. Leave dinner and coffee there has been no female blogger who commented on my blog besides my sister who did commented so as to encourage me.
If you are guessing that this post is an after effect of another single Valentine, then keep on thinking , but dont dare say it, because if I don’t like your comments then all the curses of Tutenkhamen and his family be on you.
On some serious note, this is really a serious trouble, there must be a kind of chi balance in blogosphere which is some what balanced toward male dominance. We need more feminine views, because I don’t see any other media where we can talk of equality at magnum opus scale.
Ok, if you are a girl, and felt that you should start blogging so as to tilt the balance then I will suggest leave text blogging go for vlogging. That would be something for which our future generations will thank you.
While I would take this opportunity to thanx my sister, didi thnx yaaar… you kept my spirits up even when I did’n got a single reader for months…and how do you get so many people to comment on your blog. Bye the way you all can check out what she is writing at Buddhu Box.
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Important blogging lesson.

Posted on December 9, 2006. Filed under: My comments |

After you read my entry read this.
Now what I have done is one big mistake, provided a link to a much bigger blogger in comparison to me, very much before I started on my point. And if you are still here then ‘ THANK YOU’.
Here is one important lesson I learned from this whole case. Ok there are two lessons.

1. Allow others a DRM free, creative common right to criticize your blog and your style. Because in every criticism there is a hidden love.
2.Make some well known blogger your friend.

I know only few of my friends visit this blog, but so what…I believe in my Karma… and will continue doing it, and won’t attach myself from end result.( But I am still trying to do so).

As I always say that,’ Little bit of vanity is always fair’. As I am in tech blogging, I will always prefer, and stick to to latest web technology, but sometimes you will also hear(read) echo from other part of my brain. And what you just read was part of such an echo.

As I have written that only few of my friends visit this blog, and very few from common public. But I know that one person will keep visiting this blog… KRITI TRIVEDI. My Sister, she came in blogging after me, I did it last year with a cynical blog on my name, and she this very year and she attracts more comments than me. WHY any guesses?
DIDI thanks for visting my blog… and keep on doing so… but comment here and not on phone.
While she send his comments using her mouth on phone, you can check her blog.

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