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A common bond

Posted on June 1, 2008. Filed under: social masti |

Having an old computer has its own benefits..

During the recent genocidal examinations(Test 3),I felt a bond between me and my old computer.

Both of us shared the same feelings.While I was a little shy in my expression,my computer exactly told what I had in my mind.

Call it divine intervention or whatever,this is what happened…

We all have some teachers,against whom we have a very strong prejudice.We would never miss an opportunity to swear at them,that is,of course,behind their backs.

One of those teachers put a folder titled with their name,for the sake of my privacy and life,lets say,teachername,on our common computer network to download.

As I was copying the folder to my old computer,it just hung up.

Pressing alt+crtl+del,gave me the task manager window…

which said..

teachername[Not Responding]

Computer bhaiya!

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Posted on May 26, 2008. Filed under: social masti |

Also posted on my college’s youth club

Just a passing thought…

More than the current IPL matches,what I am able to see is just the Max New York Life Insurance Ad,(yes the Sanju Sanju one…).

Apart from the observable frenzied emotions and the chaos she creates,there’s one ironical(or should i say deliberate) social emotion portrayed,which i think all of us believe in…

As soon as the lady enters the balcony,the voice over goes…

“Musebatein bata kar nahi aati”!

How true,isn’t it?!

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Anybody awake?

Posted on March 16, 2007. Filed under: social masti |

it really bothers me,where are the other members of this site.

are they all busy with their exams?or have they suffered a computer crash?
it’s making me curious and worried.Have they taken the blue pill,or the red pill?

Please guys lets not make this blog a not even a dialogue.
lets make it a multilougue.

Some of the latest things,(read one liners) that are bothering my exam torutred mind right now are:

1.Selling a client,your software product,is like giving your product for free,but still being haggled for a lower price.

2.Meregers are simply big fish eating small fish,after giving them insurance.

3.Affrimative action simply means giving pink slips with employment exchange numbers on the back.

Well,i don’t necessarily subscribe to these views,but i am just posting them,to continue my monologue.

Anybody awake?


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A tribute to the original linguists

Posted on March 8, 2007. Filed under: social masti |

Ever wondered from where do the gracious words like fundoo,todu,fodu,rapchick,dhaakad and many others come from.

I think i just came across the source,the fountains of such words.

They are simply you and me,but rewinded a few years backwards.For some it will be rewinded many years backwards.

They are children below the ages of 5,at their creative best.

When i listen to such children calling,a computer,adum.
When i listen to such children calling,sleep,nina.
calling pen,mann.nature’s call,chicha.
going to lu,as su.
calling nani,nun.calling food,khau.
calling chewing food as kattu kattu.

calling opening something(kholna),as lolo.
calling sitting down(beutho),as te to.
anything which is double,as tutu.

And another calling rain as appa mum mum.
and yet another calling loo,as vivi.

And the most amazing children singing,Bulla ki jaana main kaun,by Rabbi Shergil,

as “Bulla se shana(smarter) kaun?”

i am forced to think,who the real balshrees are!

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