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Its an India centric social network, that is trying to woo users by offering them free Ipod(shuffle-old), for them reaching over 100 friends or become heavily popular. A nice go, but I think is not that effective.

Its a invite only social network startup from two NRI, and looks pretty cool, in flickr pink and parrot green. Its single theme is highly ajaxed up, and it does every thing, it have an integrated chat client, an integrated mailbox and every thing else which you can find on a social network. But… yes a big *BUT* there is no option for customization of theme, which makes it monotonous, higly monotonous. It is fundamentally inspired from MySpace and then named it to make india centric, but added nothing to make it Indian. One more thing which I didnt liked is that I can only devide my friends in groups of there liking, i.e., on the basis of city and educational institutions/jobs, thats unfair, and by know I havent found a way to remove field boxes from main page. If I dont have any media content even then the media box will keep on showing on my main page.

How they are running this network is also unknown, because I havent heard that there is some big VC funding behind them nor there is any advertisement on its pages, to sum it up, they are not having any revenue generation options, which means that they can some day vanish from netsphere and I can loose my contacts.( Lets hope otherwise).

There are few things which I loved about yaari, one is that they are proving mobility feature, which makes it quite indian centric, then it is there color code, and finally there name.

They have to do something out of the box, to penetrate deep in Indian mass.

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