Buddy…We all are capitalist!

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WTF is socialism? Oh yaa…(I had to open 10th std. Civics book to find the definition), but I am not going to waste my time quoting it, rather send you here. Do I hate socialism, I dont know but yes I would have loved it if Jessica Alba would have been in Red brigade, and Peta would have been under some Red agenda( I hope you understand). By the way, do you consider your self a socialist kind of person or a capitalist kind of person? I on record, yes on record consider myself a CAPITALIST kind of person.
I have my own reasons for it, prominently there are two, first being, I hate giving my ice cream to others, second I like to eat ice creams on another’s money. These are two fundamental rules of capitalism, told no where. Enjoy your profits, try not to invest your money. Socialism is all skewed, if I would have been socialist then, I would not be eating ice cream on first part since I can not avail it for few beggars who roam outside Ice cream parlor, second, if I had to eat one, then I had to invest my money, and try that it should be enough for everyone around. So I using few ounce of my brain fluid have come to conclusion that ‘I am capitalist’.
Human, though we can fight over it is an animal( few of my friends do not agree over it…they want to put ‘social’ before animal) we survived for such a long time because we fought for our food from the animals which were much stronger than us, from nature which was most of the time against us. We are still same, though now we call us civilized, and under this pressure of being civilized we pegged social before animal. All the great discoveries (off the record) were made for cynical reasons, and not for some social reasons. To make social discoveries and inventions you have to be a really great person, which by nature we are not. But to be popular you have to have an social agenda behind your innovation…now you have got two options, first become a great person and then make a social innovation, second, be a normal person, make a capitalist discovery and prove it that it is was social concern which prompted you for that discovery/invention/innovation, which by far is the easiest way.
This whole world is a part of some or the other kind of pyramid, where you eat ( both real and virtual) someone and someone eats you, and still few people wants to prove that socialism is basic property of humanity, bull ****. Some may argue that, its capitalism, due to which we are facing various demons of this modern era, like Global Warming, AIDS, Poverty and etc etc…I say NO its all because of what so ever amount of socialism percolated in our society. If it would have been (PURE)capitalism, then after creating lots and lots pollution, one would have not bothered to clean it up and would have left the place itself and would have given nature a chance to clean itself, but under socialism, you stick to the place citing social reasons, and try to do the job which you are totally unfit to do. AIDS can only be solved by the arms of capitalism, let the big companies make the vaccines, and then if they dont get ready to give you for cheap, ban them, which company in its normal mind would like to be out of a nation which have a ever growing population of HIV infected population.
Raam, on the beach of Rameshwaram, tried to be social, wasted his time, and finally resorted to capitalism…Capital Punishment…it worked.
To sum it all, one must use socialism as a tool of capitalism rather than something which is against capitalism. In ice cream analogy, spend some money on ice cream, eat it in front of poor, and inspire them (if any such thing happens) to have that ice cream, inspire them to use this capitalist world and get their very own cup of ice cream.

Ice cream for everyone…
(Sameer, I have increased the font size.)

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Global Warming, and its chilling.

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I would like to put two things straight,

  1. Hail Sameer, who is just like a spark plug which never forget to ignite.
  2. I drive on comments, more comments I get, more easy it would be for me to write.

Now coming to the topic of global warming, though I was not invited to G8 or G5 summit and am not seeing and upcoming chances to be there with those decision makers. One thing is quite clear, they are not going to make great deal of change. Yesterday there was an article in Times of India, which stated that America have money to invest in every xyz research but not in the fields related to Global Warming and modeling. And things aren’t going to be simple any time soon. There are many reasons, and most of them are related to economics and politics. I am no Guru in either of them but understands one simple thing that is PROFIT, and Global Warming is going to bring more and more profit.

Political Sense

America is in no mood to cut its emission, and probably it can not, for few very simple reasons, that there is huge political pressure on White House from industrial lobby, which is very strong in US. I haven’t been to US, but one simple thing from which I have this inference, is the number of years for which American Industry is standing. For India it is not more than 60 to 70 years, and for them there industrial history dates back to nearly 200 years or so. And in 200 years and for a nation which plays a very dominant part in international politics, any sort of industry will have its windows in political system.
And as America is in no mood to cut down in emission norms and Mr Bush’s feeling that the onus to cut emission of green house gases are on India and China. I am not hoping from something great from EU. And as the Big Daddies are not going to hold their barrels down, the aspiring Big Daddies (G5), are going to follow the suite. This means that we are not going to see and major bill passed in US senate, and this in turns also negates a possibility of a bill being passes in Lok Sabha, or even proposed for that matter. While the meant time we will continue feeding on American Media which will keep on reporting about Paris Hilton and about Brangellina and sometimes (rarest of rare) about few outdated models of global warming.
By the way I really did not likes Paris Hilton’s sobbing photo. And Oh yes, she was not crying for the sentence she got, but for the terrible failure of the recently held G8 summit which was focused on GLOBAL WARMING.

Economical Sense

Now come to the economics of every thing related to global warming. Economics is the wheel on which runs politics. You name me a thing and I will tell you that it is in some way or other adding to the global warming. And this just do not limits to the non living things but to the living beings too. I was thinking of adding another topic, like Scientific sense but wont be able to do that as I am already under sever time crunch, my exams are running, so I have to run. One of the major reason behind global warming is undoubtedly the burning of carbon fuel, and this world is running on fuel economy. Whether it be OPEC, US, China or India all are eying hydrocarbon fuel some where or other on globe. This all is required to maintain the fuel security so currently I am not foreseeing any kind of halt in this spree. Then comes the other major source, which would be much better considering global warming, that is radioactive fuel. And for our country many more developing countries like us, there are already many stringent conditions to follow before getting some kind of certificate from a group of developed nation.
Every industry produces some kind of pollution, and this pollution in some way or other contributes to the production of green house gases. As our economy is growing our requirements will only see an increment. One of the important decisions which we have to take is before making any sort of choices, because some products require some really nasty process to be manufactured.
I will try to bring spotlight on scientific sense behind global warming and the extent to which we can manage it through our daily life.

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Think about them too!

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It has been a lull on the blog for quite a while so i thought why not convert this lull to the lull before a storm.

What i simply want to focus is on the Kashmir issue concerning the govt.

Concerning the govt.,only?

I think until it becomes a concerning issue for all of us,there would be no solution to it.

What concerns me is deep sense of alienation that fills the valley that even the army is against them.

The killing of Kashmiri civilians as “suspected” militants,and the later furore in the valley over missing people,is a proof of this.

For all Army men,as of the latest news,you can keep checking all farmers who will go to the fields in the morning.

But when they don’t carry and weapons and are surely not militants,give them a big hug and say sorry to them.Show them that what you do is for their benefit only and for their safety only.


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Hi all!

This comment can be taken in regard to the shilpa shetty controversy,where she was “allegedly” racially abused by her house mates,in the reality show ,Big Brother.

I have got just 2 things to say:

1.She was called a paki, and then she was not.Was she?Was she not?

We have no way to ascertain this point of racial buse coz neither have we seen the show live or on the TV,neither have we experienced this word before.

We are just going on the fodder that news chanels and papers have fed us.So why to scribble up your mind for something you haven’t seen for yourself,you haven’t heard for your self?

Remember,Aristotle’s three tests?

Also,even when we are convinced that all this has taken place then,it must be the public of Britain that must critisise and not the government of India,which has got many other things to do.

2.We say The Brits are racist.We might even say the Whites are racist.But we are unable to see the enemy within.

Are’nt all of us in Inida racist?

It is well said”jab kisi se koi gila rahkna,samne ayina rakhna.”i.e,whenever you have any grudge against anyone,keep a mirror in front of yourself.

We call all Northeast people “Chinkis”.All people from south and who are a little dark,are called southys,whether they hail from Tamil Nadu or from Karnataka.We say”yes yes,its the same.”

People are bewildered when they see a fair south indian.Why?

Why is it that the sale of fairness creams in India beats any other commodity?
Why do all expect a fair daughter in law,for our sons?

This is a stereotype that needs to be broken first and then we can blame the rest of the world for being racist.
Kill The enemy within before you kill someone outside.

(consider this as an echo from Barha Dutt’s Editorial in HT)


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Something requiring your action

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I am sorry to include two simultaneous posts but this is urgent.

I have been trying to get this thing materialized with many organizations but with litte success.
Due to other useless things in life,i haven’t been able to take these ideas forward.

I want you to read this and try to materialize it.
A poster of a similar thing in was seen in Singapore.



Sub: Initiation of a programme for the poor for winters.

I appreciate your esteemed organization’s role in organizing aids and facilities for the poor.

I have a suggestion of a scheme to make that might be initiated by your organization at a larger scale.

This programme would be to start a collection drive of old, but wearable woolen clothes from all households.

Most of the people do have clothes that are wearable but have either have shrinked for their size or are out of fashion. People are ready to donate such clothes but do not know where to do so.

This calls for your organization to collected such clothes on a massive scale, segregate them into sizes and then distribute them to poor, who do not have any defense against winter.

A similar programme was initiated by a society in Singapore.

I hope that my suggestion would be received and discussed by your society at the latest.

I would appreciate a response or an acknowledgement about the same.

Yours truly,
Sameer Thukral

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Youth Against AIDS.

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Today I am happy, very happy that I have materialized one of my old dream, a truly social site against HIV, that too free of cost. I thought about it in summer last year, then now nearly after year and half, when I am deep in social blogging, after materializing few of my other projects suddenly this old idea of mine struck me once again on another World AIDS Day. I dont know weather this idea of mine is unique or not, it doesn’t matter, the thing which matter is that we will need lot of people, that to youth to mobilize whole world against AIDS.
So make your presence felt at Youth Against AIDS

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