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Please consider enviorment befor printing this post.

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P Please consider the environment before printing this mail.

This is an interesting thing which I got with a forward. I liked it very much…There are lot of things going on the environment front and about the problems caused by global warming….what say bloggers…what should we do about it.

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Blu-Ray and HD-DVD…war isnt over yet.

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One of the major movie rental giant in US, Blockbuster have decided to keep all the major titles in Blu-Ray disk rather than in HD-DVD. This is a great pro step for BR. Blu-Ray can store 50GB on double layering. And HD DVD on otherhand can stor only upto 30Gb on dual layering. So for now it seems BD is ahead than HD-DVD… But to tell you only that format will be successful which will allow people to to copy their material , and the material they bought n number of times. The format which supports porn industry. The format which will support easy piracy or to say the one which will allow easy piracy.

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2007 Year of Broadband in India

Posted on December 27, 2006. Filed under: Society and technology |

India is a vast country not just because of its geographical size but also due to its diversity. And any technology can become a successful technology in India. As it is being predicted in many quarters of media, that 2007 will be the broadband year for this nation, I am also voicing in same pitch.

I am using BSNL’s broadband flat rate plan, and I am enjoying it. Presently they are supplying it with 256 Kbps, which is indeed below international standards, but wohaaa…. they are upgrading to the level which can handle 2Mbps. And certainly it will seep down to us.

But I am one person who wont be happy, because we want more as we believe we can do more, there is always a scope for improvement. America can never match us in numbers and price, and China can never match us in market openness, so I think the future is only bright. And then there are few nations like Israel and South Korea, Japan which are ahead of India on the basis of internet penetration, and this is one place where I think we need to improvise and bring in some better results.

But I will always put this talk in back burner as it can certainly take lot of web space and will become very social/economical.

The point is that urban India is ready to become uber cool and they are ready to hug broadband. Bangalore office of BSNL is keeping thousands of customers on waiting list as they are unable to supply to their needs and similar is the story in many other class one cities. Slowly and slowly it will seep in to the ring of class two cities.

Service providers private and states are ready with technology and we and many more are ready to pick it.

So for 2007 anticipations list you can certainly put this phrase, 2007- Year of Broadband in India.

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Governent websites and a social structure.

Posted on December 26, 2006. Filed under: India, social networking, Society and technology |

This is another post from my college premises, and let me tell you that AC over her eis working top class. And the computers are uber cool and the one thing to sum it all is that I am enjoying it.
Now let us come back to our central theme, now this idea struck me just now and I am glad that I am first to werite about it. Indian government is having lot of sites, which are there to provide information about XYZ of India. Now that is ther job, but is that all, or to frame it other way cant there be more things which our Governments can do to their websites. And the answer is indeed they can do lot of things and I think they should do it quickly, because it is allways better to be first than being last.
After the arrival of Youtube and the rising of social networking culture, if your site is socialy hip then it will certainly be a big plus point.
Look it this way, count the number of video tutorials over internet after the arrival of Youtube and the brigade of its clone and you will realise that what I mean to say. The fact is that you wont be able to count them, as they just keep on increasing. It is same with the flickr and brigade. Now the photo is not just the end but itsa new starting as lot of meta data is being attached to photos and which certainly make them more usefull. Why can Government can make its informative sites more social, why not let people submit their data at very same place from where they are finding it.
Its not that difficult because it is only taking some 150$ to have youtube clone. And very same ammount for devloping forums and social networks. And if you have them around your central theme what ever it may be, then itcan allways be a plus point. They can always add wikis, they can add forums, they can certainly add lots of other features which can make them more of Web 2.0 class and lesser of the old breed.
Newer is certainly better in this case. Now one must be pretty hopefull to see all the govt. sites bitten byweb2.0 bug.

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Sanskrit Voice…Cool try for the coolest language.

Posted on December 24, 2006. Filed under: Society and technology, web services |

Sanskrit Voice… its a very simple startup without any intentions for profit. First of all I would divulge in the beauty of this site. Its simple, and it knows what it wants, its creator is not making some overstating claims, but just giving some tools to promote the coolest language present on earth. And during promotion you can learn the language by building its vocabulary or you can perceive the other way round. Sanskrit is a semi dead language, but technically most sound language, and phonetically its the best in international lot. Moreover Sanskrit Voice provide educators and teachers a minor platform to educate others about sanskrit.

Another beautiful thing about it is that it is doing so by providing glossary in form of RSS. They should also have a mailing option. It also want others to share resources of sanskrit, making site more of a resource bank.

Promoting is done by providing a RSS widget to put on blog or websites and promotion buttons.

This is pretty fine… and pretty good but…

I would like to see few more things on the website.

  1. A wiki, only for sanskrit
  2. An audio and video section.
  3. A chat room.
  4. A whiteboard.

None of the above things need hevay coding and most of the mcan be placed using other services, but they should be there. Seshu Karthick the man behind this startup can possibly do it himself, an wont prefer using third party widgets. This will make the site more dynamic, which in present status is not. This can be of three reasons, 1- He want it to be like it, 2-He didn’t thought about it, 3-He didt had time to do it. Whatever it may be, but he should be sincerely behind this project.

Bye the way I am behind this beautiful language, what about you.

Bye the way if you are one person who wants do some thing effectively against AIDS then please visit Youth Against AIDS. You can send some writeups or personal views about The Pandemic, and send them to

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Future of media

Posted on December 16, 2006. Filed under: Society and technology |

If someone comes up to me and ask me, that what will be the future of media, I will hae only one word… convergence.
Now look at this hypothetical situation…
Nikhil Naz, spots reporter of NDTV, is reporting about the latest cricket mathc in South-Africa and you are directly asking him about the condition of pitch, and he will reply your question adn as his answer is coming to you, you are sending his reply to your friends as a mail attachment, or saving it as a vedio, or publishing it on you blog.
Things are without any border if it comes to convergence.
We are presently having VoIP, and IPTV, you can go for cheers n the day when IPTV becomes social. And yes that is the future of media… every thing on one device… hey but i want bigger keyboards as my fingers are big enough to nake portable keypad a tough affair for me to manage.
Every thing via fast internet is a sure future which I am forseeing.
What are YOU seeing….

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Need of Wifi

Posted on December 16, 2006. Filed under: Society and technology |

I am a firm believer of connectivity, better the connectivity, better and faster will be the development. Development is directly proportional to information receieved. One should make information recieveing as seamless as possible. And special in country like India where more than 50% of population is undereducated, over there more and more information will only proove helpful. And when it comes to information then internet is one of the key resource. But in a country like India where having a computer is not a prime requirement for more than 80% of population over there if I talk of internet as key necessity for information, then I would be just dreaming too high or I am out of my mind. Or… I am not?
I think I am not… we have seen it with telephony and we can repeat it with Wifi. Mobile-phones, in India are reaching to the doors of villages and so can internet. For that we have to make it wireless. Usability can allways be increased, semantic barriers can allways be removed by more and more usage of graphical symbols in internet. Cost of computers can allways be reduced as we already have sub 100$ computers.
One node per village and free wifi connecetion to every person. Yes we surely need to chalk down any plan while keeping every factor in mine but still I feel that internet and that too wireless is key solution to information crunch.

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Youth Against AIDS.

Posted on December 3, 2006. Filed under: Mine, social networking, Society and technology |

Its not that geek but necessary enough to place it on this blog.

Today I am happy, very happy that I have materialized one of my old dream, a truly social site against HIV, that too free of cost. I thought about it in summer last year, then now nearly after year and half, when I am deep in social blogging, after materializing few of my other projects suddenly this old idea of mine struck me once again on another World AIDS Day. I dont know weather this idea of mine is unique or not, it doesn’t matter, the thing which matter is that we will need lot of people, that to youth to mobilize whole world against AIDS.
So make your presence felt at Youth Against AIDS

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