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Bypassing firewalls.

Posted on December 26, 2006. Filed under: google, Tips and Tricks |

We all have as per over human nature have some grey shades in us, and most of the time we enjoy it, when it comes out once in a while. And when we see that some one is jepardising our freedom, we feel like tied down and when it comes to internet then it increases many folds. The famous thing which stops us using few of the mosty wonderfull site on net is fire-wall, and typicaly to the students its one thing which we all like to break.
Here I will be telling you how to bypass most of the firewalls, not break them, because breaking allways create more problems then solving.
One ofthe method which most of you would be familiar to is using proxy server, but once they are identified by an intelligent administrator then you have problem at your hands. There is one site ehich none of the administrator worth his blood can block, and that is none other than google.
The two tricks which I found some where in on net and the ones which I am please to share with you all so that you all can enjoy My Spcae, Orkut and many more are….

  1. Use Google Translate or BabelFish to translate the front page from any language to english, and bingo you will be haivng your front page ready.
  2. The other method is also from Google, that is to use cached versions of the website.

Ok try them, as I havent, and do tell me if they are unsuccessfull. And if they are good enough for your use then just use them and enjoy, do not bother to tell it to us as we will be happy to find you enjoying on net.

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Get MP3 using Google, just… Google.

Posted on December 25, 2006. Filed under: Tips and Tricks |

This is geeky enough and hence is present over here.

Free mp3 Downloads from Google. With this simple trick, you can get tons of mp3 download links using just Google

All you have to do is search for this..

"Band or Artist name here" last modified mp3 "index of" -html -htm -php -asp

For example i want to get some Red Hot Chili Peppers’ song…

"Red hot chili peppers" last modified mp3 "index of" -html -htm -php -asp

I wont lie, this is not mine or but was discovered over digg. Here is the original link. Go over there and make that person happy.

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