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Pop..an open My Space.

Posted on June 30, 2007. Filed under: social networking, web services |

Amount of hype(for good reasons) is already bringing Facebook some new members. I now have 9 friends in Facebook and 8 are new. Pretty interestingly Facebook is also showing a revved up performance in India all over. Globally also Facebook is seeing a rise in daily traffic. Which is pretty much clear from this graph.

One very interesting thing which can be seen is that Facebook’s graph is showing an increasing trend where as other two are quite static. Though F8 can not be pointed as a specific turn around point but indeed it caught my attention. What Facebook did in F8, is now being sought by MySpace, that is, they want to open up themselves.
Hey, enlighten me, didnt we had third party apps, finely integrated in Myspace profiles, adding up lots of clutter and feeding a big parallel tertiary market. MySpace is already quite open, and its openness have already been utilized by few intelligent miscreants. To mention Facebook is like orkut a closed network, where you have to login before watching any kind of profile, they are not available as web pages.
So all in all as it seems from thousand of miles away from the place where few people are burning fuel to make MySpace more open is nothing but surfing. Surfing? yes they too want to ride on the wave of openness, want to gain some media mileage by telling every one that they are more open. Though there is high scope for opening up, but as history tells me, Myspace gets irritated when there is some high traffic gainer app on the profile page of various MySpace users. Bye the way, MySpace is being thrashed all over the park, just like Sachin did yesterday in Ireland, after they created a Youtube clone.
Orkut presently enjoys 2nd position in India as most visited website and facebook is on 29th. So there is lot of catching up required for Facebooks where Indians only constitute 0.8% of visitors. and this percentage is as high as 15% on Orkut.
At present Orkut is boring me a great deal, and the social networks which needs some opening up or some major overhaul is Orkut. And till then I will be resending invites to my friends so as I get more friends on Facebook.

PS: All the data is from Alexa.com

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Wiredness, indeed but simple.

Posted on June 6, 2007. Filed under: Kool, startups, web services |

This is not at all a post to reckon with, and this site might not be listed by any of the A list bloggers, for a very simple reason that this is not a out of the world web application. This has been done by many others and would be done by many more. Wiredness is a simple image manipulator, but what strikes is its utter simplicity. You go on site and you know that you have to upload image, only one at a time, and do some manipulation, save it, take your image and go away. Written using Prototype.

All this is fine at its own place, but this is not more than a project for the guy who made it. One can be sure after seeing the simplicity that there is no big organization behind it. Only big site which is as simple as this is, is Google.

There is still one thing which is itching my brain, what kind of money making model can be there behind any image manipulator over the web. With Picasa from Google which is not a very big application and having some kind of roots in webosphere is more than enough for minor editing. Then why would some one go to such image manipulator. The only possible situation when I will go to online image editor is when I would be with my bags, i.e; traveling. And whole world is not packing its bag. Not talking about Wierdness in particular, any image editing option available online does not excite me more than being a good piece of code. There are already big players with some editing tools, and there are few with experience. Even the person behind wierdness would be knowing that he wont be getting any thing VC funding from what he did, and the max he would be getting will be some highly valuable experience, and a good thing to put in his CV.

Only thing which I can say to every one, and to self is, keep creating.

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There is more in Twitter…

Posted on April 10, 2007. Filed under: web services |

Twitter is slowly and slowly becoming more and more popular. And this is the reason I become more anxious when I get a new friend. I mostly use it via instant messenger and I get regular upadtes of what few people are doing(those few people does not include my friends) and how they are leading their lives and sometimes it becomes an interseting read. But as I said, it really make me anxious becuase soon there would be advertisement’s rain in this structure. ANd when that happens, the interest will decrease, at least for me.
bUt still this is a small charming web app, which I loving to use but still not addicted.

By the way if you want to add me on twitter then here is my personal twitter page.

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Some thing to POSTabout….

Posted on April 7, 2007. Filed under: web services |

I recently found about Postful, a new service which coverts an email to a snail mail, and then delivers it. I dont about America, but this is a very old thing for us in India, bing executed by state run Postal department and that too fro a meager sum or Rs 10/-, where as Postful will ask for some $.99/- that makes it approximately Rs 40/-. Epost service from Indian Postal department is very much same to what Postful is offering. Only thing which is making a difference is that Postful is doing it in more moder manner than Epost, which is not providing information in correct manner, unearthing any iformation on Postful about their service is easier as compared to Epost. And such things are not minor in any sense.
But when it comes to modern day web service you must be very clear in outlook and must be crisp, and there should be no need to explain users, that what you wish to do. Because if you are doing so, is signifies that you are not sure about your product, whether it would be able to convey the message on itself or not, and if that is the case then it wont be able to do so.
In India I can see the use of Epost but in places with higher internet penetration I find that gaining trction for such a service would be a tough job. In India it is a different story, if you now about this service then you are probably a literate and if you are literate then in most probable cases your peers will be literate and in that case you will be using email rather than a conversion service. And if you are illiterate then you probably don’t know about it. But all that siad I would really love to see a much better ePost portal than what it is now.

I didnt noticed it earlier, but found it interesting…Google’s April Fools day joke…it was to archive all the emails in your inbox.
I found it as a nice option to include and they should not take it as a joke, because I some time really feel bored after sitting for hours in front of computer and then long for reading it all on paper, while lying down on my bed. They can, or rather they should bring this option up, so that we can get selected emails in a proper printing format, with all the data arranged as in a real letter, because most of the times emails are not proper format, and thus sometimes become a difficult read.

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Top 100 search engines…!

Posted on March 5, 2007. Filed under: blogging, search, social networking, web services |

Top 100, I would die even before naming top 10. This is from Read/Write web, and compiled by Charles S. Knight. Its one of my favorite blogs all due to very cool’n’crisp analysis on it.
Here is what list looks like, I dont know most of the names from the list, but would surely have a look of them in times to come.To read complete analysis please visit here. They are going with such list as an monthly post, which I think is too frequent for such an category which does not show major changes as per one month time period is concerned. One more thing to note its not a list of conventional search engines but of alternative search engines. And the difference among two categories is very much same as in medicines and therapies.

AllTha.at www.allth.at The search engine that keeps on looking.
Ask Mobile www.m.ask.com Mobile search engine from Ask.com
ASK VOX www.askvox.com A second talking female user interface.
AnswerBus www.answerbus.com Ask in English, French, Spanish, German or Italian.
Blabline www.blabline.com Podcast / videocast search engine
blinkx www.blinkx.com Video Search
boing www.boing.mobi Search the Mobile web
bookmach.com www.bookmach.com Searches for posts related to your keywords.
ChaCha www.chacha.com Human Guides are available to aid in your search.
ClipBlast! www.clipblast.com Video Search
Clusty www.clusty.com Clustering search engine
collarity www.collarity.com Behavioral personalized search / Collarity Compass
CONGOO www.congoo.com Searches for Premium Content
crossEngine www.crossengine.com Searches Search Engines; formerly mrSAPO
d e c i p h o www.decipho.com Behavioral personalized search / Social Meter
Ditto www.ditto.com Visual search engine
Dogpile www.dogpile.com MetaSearch Engine
dumbfind www.dumbfind.com Featuring the Two-Box search method.
exalead www.exalead.com/search Web / Image search with a European flavor
factbites www.factbites.com Search Result snippets are complete sentences.
fazzle www.fazzle.com Search engine that emphasizes Boolean Search
filangy www.filangy.com Personalized Search Engine
FIND FORWARD www.findforward.com Multi-featured search engine; check this one out!
FindSounds www.findsounds.com Search for sound effects and musical samples.
FyberSearch www.fybersearch.com Parent site for some interesting new search engines.
GIGABLAST www.gigablast.com A multi-featured search engine.
girafa www.girafa.com Visual search engine – results are thumbnails
gnod www.gnod.net Oustanding recommendation search engines
gnosh www.gnosh.org Metasearch engine
GoLexa www.golexa.com “COMPLETE page analysis for each result.”
goshme Beta 3.0 www.goshme.com A search engine for search engines. Top 10 pick.
GoYams www.goyams.com Metasearch engine where you select the mix.
grokker www.grokker.com A multi-featured meta-search engine.
GRUUVE www.gruuve.com Groovy music recommendation search engine.
hakia www.hakia.com “Meaning based” search engine
ICEROCKET www.icerocket.com Blog search engine
ixquick www.ixquick.com Metasearch engine
KartOO www.kartoo.com Visually appealling clustering search engine
Lexxe www.lexxe.com Natural language processing (NLP) search engine
like www.like.com Visual shopping engine; see also riya
liveplasma www.liveplasma.com Attractive music / movies clustering / recommendation engine
Local.com www.local.com Search for local businesses, products, and services
lurpo www.lurpo.com Searches for custom Google search engines
mamma www.mamma.com metasearch engine
MetaGlossary www.metaglossary.com Searches for definitions, phrases and acronyms.
mnemomap www.mnemo.org Clustering search engine
Mojeek www.mojeek.com Customize your own personal search engine.
Mooter www.mooter.com Clustering search engine
mrquery www.mrquery.com Metasearch engine / metasearch providers
MS. DEWEY www.msdewey.com Unique user interface – enough said.
Omgili www.omgili.com Social community search engine
onkosh www.onkosh.com Arabic / English Search Engine
Pagebull www.pagebull.com Visual results search engine
pipl http://pipl.com People search engine
PlanetSearch www.planetsearch.com Metasearch engine
PolyMeta www.polymeta.com Metasearch and clustering search engine
pronto.com www.pronto.com Metasearch engine
qksearch www.qksearch.com Multi-featured “3-in-1” multi-search engine
Quintura www.quintura.com Clustering search engine with a new interface
Quintura for kids http://kids.quintura.com/ Search engine for kids by Quintura
RedZee www.redzee.com Search Engine with nice preview results
retrievr http://labs.systemone.at/retrievr/ Visual search engine
riya www.riya.com Visual search engine; see also Like
scirus http://scirus.com Scientific information only search engine
searchbots www.searchbots.net Have a little fun, create your own searchbot.
SearchTheWeb2 www.searchtheweb2.com Search The Popular Head and The Long Tail
sidekiq www.sidekiq.com Multi-category search engine. Very nice.
Slideshow http://slideshow.zmpgroup.com/ Displays search results as a moving slideshow.
Slifter www.slifter.com A mobile shopping search engine.
soople www.soople.com A simplified version of Google’s search options.
Speegle www.speegle.com The speeglebot talks to you.
Sphere www.sphere.com A blog search engine.
Sproose www.sproose.com Social search engine
S R C H R www.srchr.com Metasearch engine
SurfWax www.surfwax.com Meaning-based search engine
Swamii www.swamii.com Search engine that keeps on searching for you.
Swoogle http://swoogle.umbc.edu Semantic Web search engine
thefind.com www.thefind.com Shopping search engine
Trexy www.trexy.com Follow “trails” and “trailblazers” with Trexy.
turboscout www.turboscout.com Metasearch engine
TWERQ www.twerq.com Multi-category search engine with tabbed results.
UJIKO www.ujiko.com A fun interface where you can vote on the results.
url.com www.url.com “Search with many” community metasearch engine.
VMGO.com www.vmgo.com Vote on the search results with emoticons.
WASALive www.wasalive.com A new member of the list.
Web 2.0 www.web20searchengine.com Web 2.0 search engines
WEBBRAIN www.webbrain.com Clustering “see the web” search engine.
whonu? www.whonu.com Deluxe metasearch engine.
WIKIO www.wikio.com “Live information from 33981 media and blogs”
Windows Live Mobile www.wls.live.com Windows Live Mobile search engine
WiseNut www.wisenut.com Clustering search engine
Yahoo! Mobile http://m.yahoo.com Yahoo! Mobile search engine
Yahoo! MINDSET www.mindset.research.yahoo.com Intention-driven search; commercial versus research
yoono www.yoono.com People-rated community web search
yoople www.yoople.net Yoople! = Yahoo! + Google + People
yubnub www.yubnub.org Use command lines to search the web.
ZABASEARCH www.zabasearch.com People and Public Information Search Engine.
zapmeta www.zapmeta.com Metasearch engine
Zippy www.zippy.co.uk Search engine for webmasters
ZUULA www.zuula.com Multi-category, multi-search engine, with good tabs.

If you want to suggest some more feel free to do so and if they have missed some thing outright then go RWW and mention it to them. Here you can find January’s list.

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Photoshop to be online! What next?

Posted on March 5, 2007. Filed under: My comments, web services, Web Technology |

This is a pre-holi news, and a big one. If blogospher is to be believed then( as I haven’t found a direct Adobe link till yet) Adobe would be launching online Photoshop it any time in coming six months. This would surely be a toned down version, and might be very much like what is already available. When it comes to desktop photo editing Photoshop is a market leader, and it is quite clear that they want to use their name in online world. They would be taking on Google who is a currently a online app king. But I think Zoho is also doing more than few correct things. But when it comes to photo editing I think an online version would serve two purposes, first it would bring them some revenue through advertisements and second this will probably attract customers to buy their desktop software. You can find a free copy of Photoshop from place you surely know, and this is hitting Adobe in a nasty way. What I would love to see is some kind of point system which could later be in cashed as a discount for Photoshop. It just an idea, but I suppose it will encourage users to work more on online photoshop this will gradually add some more money in Adobe’s pockets. Other good thing they can do is to bring up API for their online product very much like Google earth. This reason behind this ideas is my belief, ‘ more seen>more used>more revenue.’ We all know what a simple community driven widget in sidebar of a blogger can do for a website. When people can use some app for free, they start feeling a kind of bond with that service provider, then it doesn’t matter whether that company do some evil or not. And this love generates revenue, we all know it don’t we?
If you want a following, and this one also go for bigwigs, then you must show a free friendly face on internet, your advertisements should not be to bright to make user feel that he is being used, and this will keep the relation friendly, for long time. This also brings us to one other big question, will Microsoft do something similar, are they ready to be a force in online world, who knows…
I think Adobe’s Illustrator is also one good contender to be an online app. Will COREL jump to this online wagon?(Do you remember COREL?) One more thing which strikes to me, will some open source application also come in an online application form, who knows? GIMP may be next. With the rise of Flash and Flex as one of the preferred set as rich media generator, Adobe is really on steroids.
One thing leads to other, one thread leads to other, and scientists also say that this world is made up of strings. When we talk any thing online we some how also bring mobile devices in bigger equation. One can simply go on and think on using Photoshop on his iPhone! And other string lead us to one heated problem, What about small fishes who spent few caffeinated nights for developing online image, video editors?
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Posted on February 19, 2007. Filed under: google, web services |

Picasa from Google is a well known software for image management + some tweaking options. But when it comes to Picasweb situations turns out murky. Google model for this service is different from many other online photo storage services like Photobucket, Imageshack etc. Picasaweb is like an internet partner to Picas and both are seamlessly integrated, with easy uploading options. Though Picasa is not a necessity for uploading, which means it also have normal uploading options. There is no mention of bandwidth provided but they give user some 250MB, which can be upgraded to 6GB for $25/year, which in itself is a good bargain.
Navigation on Picasaweb is very good, and swift, sharing facility is also great, which is the viral part, like any other such service. There is an option for print ordering also, which is very much in phase with other services. And very much similar to other such services there are all those tagging, commenting, HTML links etc. But when it comes to social aspect it is a big zero. Just to understand Flickr is such a success not because it is a photo storage service but it is very social friendly, you can spend hours surfing on flickr. Go to my Album, and you will not find a single way to search any other album, but my favorites, and currently I am not having any favorites, because none of my friend is using PW and I am not able to search any other album, which mean even I am facing a dead end. They are offering a video upload option, and also an option to uploads friends album, but hey I haven’t got a single friend on PW and neither I am able to make any as I am not able to search any.
If you think that there is no way out, then I am not going to buy your view. My logic is pretty simple, integrate Gmail(which now is an open network), Orkut(which is also an open network), Blogger(which was open and will remain open) with PW. And then what you get is a killer application, with killer web service.
Google has really got something wrong when it comes to create social networks around their service. One of the key feature of WordPress which by many is regarded as a better blogging platform than Blogger is their social nature. Google answer also turned out to be a debacle and Google would soon like to forget it. Google groups is not at the top of chain, and if there wouldn’t have been up to blogs then you might have probably missed many of their services.
While Google creates any new service or buy out a new one, you can try their old ones, and comment on this post.
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Community building around your blog.

Posted on February 17, 2007. Filed under: blogging, social networking, web services |

Blogging was like a precursor to web2.0, and would certainly become precursor to web3.0. Blogging has got so much facets that you can not pinpoint a certain aspect of blogging, but one thing is for sure it has become third type of media, or in other words it is main content of media over internet. With the birth of zillions of blog every second and accompanying them the birth of zillions aspirations of having s successful blog, though this point will stand in debate lane. Somehow something or to say some products to fill those aspirational needs were required and now we have many.
To just get hold of its market potential one can just look at this fact:
Yahoo spends some $10+ on getting MyBlogLog in its stable.

Now you can see My Blog Logs on every next blog(overstatement). But yes for new bloggers it is becoming a nice tool, you go on other blogs you leave your characteristic imprints, very much like animals roaming, over there. By the way dogs pee to leave their characteristic imprints.
In this post I am going to look at Mybloglog and clones.

MyBlogLog: I dont know whether they were first or not, but they were certainly first to make it big. We had imbedded chat clients like Meboo on many blogs but they never came to prominence like Mybloglog(+), some how they never attracted me, one of the reason can be the time difference between countries.
MyBloglog got initial rave reviews from people who mattered most, yup, Ivy league of bloggers like Micheal Arrington and peers. Concept was simple, you put their code on your blog, then you can see when other members of MyBlogLog left their characteristic imprints. [;)] This thus became viral, you see log in sidebars, get interested and get one for your blog.
This was not it, you also get an option to build community for your blog, which get members under the law of mutual appeasement. Finally you get few members who remembers where your blog is.

Who’s On My Page
: This is also one such service which is one made for MySpace. Does things in pretty similar way with also mentioning number of comments. But they have got completely different approach for it, they ask you to download a toolbar for Firefox, and then getting instant results. To go anywhere ahead you need to download their toolbar, and then fill you profile etc.
But this is not something universal like Mybloglog but is limited to few social networks. Bebo, Friendster, Xanga, Hi5, and Myspace are supported networks.

Spicypage: To sum up this site, this is fusion of Digg and Mybloglog. You vote for blogs and pages and can also get a widget for your blog to get voted, again it is viral in same sense as is Mybloglog. But I would like to mention that I came to know about this site via Mybloglog, how there was a personal message by some lady which mentioned about this website.

There are few more services like Trakzor which is focused on Myspace, none of them had done it in the same way as MyBlogLog.
Community is one word to define Web2.0, and when blogs fuses with community building are network building then its like twin blade sword.
If you know of any other such service then feel free to post a tip.

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I am looking for a mobile on web.

Posted on February 16, 2007. Filed under: mobile, web services |

Recently I covered Future Bazaar here. I got comments by so called CEO of Future Group, but some how as there is no back link I am not believing him. If they are correct, then they should mention it here.
But lets come to my point, I am looking for a mobile phone, and am thinking to try out some online shop. I some how zeroed on Nokia 5300. Then I used my fingers on my keyboard and went to few online shops for India.
Future Bazaar

To tell, first two are retail e-outlets, and other two are part of portals.
@ Univercell >>> Rs. 10,999/-
@ Future Bazaar >>> Rs. 10,846/-
@ Indiatimes >>> Rs. 11,340/-
@ Rediff >>> Rs. 11,336/-

Its for everyone to see, from where I my buy, but still I may buy from shop in my town, because I feel that I may get a better bet over there, Hey, I cant go down with some 10k without bargaining!

Bye the way when it comes to details provided online, it was Rediff which was a notch ahead than others. And when it came to easy navigation then it was Univercell who I felt was better than rest. If you know of any other online mobile shoppe then please bring it to my knowledge.

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Bazaar on web, Its Future Bazaar.

Posted on February 15, 2007. Filed under: India, web services |

I am one person who enjoys going to any kind of bazaar, whether it be sabzi(vegetables) or kapada (cloth/clothes)bazaar. But here I am not discussing about me and my shopping instincts. Internationally WalMart is a well known franchise, and as of Indian perspective, they are coming soon to this old land, in partnership with Bharti. But this again is not what we are going to discuss. India is opening its retail market and next budget round the corner people(companies) are hoping for more freedom in FDI(foreign direct investment). But Wal*Mart wont be first to enter in as retail business, and they would be striving real hard to get the bigger chunk of retail pie. There are 4-5 chains which are doing great job nation wide, and the news of WalMart has led to market consolidation, as few bigger player have bought few smaller yet powerful regional players. But again economics is not in which I can call myself a Genghis Khan. Now let us zero on the main theme, bazaar on net, Big Bazaar which is one of the few big players in retailing are already gearing up to face might and experience of WalMart not only on land but also in wires. Mother company of Big Bazaar, Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd., has floated out its online shopping arm, in form of Future Bazaar, though I am not sure what future are they talking about, because online shopping is not something new, and there are already few player in India for online shopping.
Future Bazaar holds only one major advantage which is keeping it above its competition is their experience and a bigger catalog. But as a website it has nothing innovative. Its same conventional online shopping website. Website design is not inspiring, and neither are the discounts. Only thing which I liked about it was the product viewing which is like set of few images which are enlarged on mouse roll over. This is only thing which it has done better than the cliche. One more thing which I can mention as their plus point is sites speed, its fast, it had faster upload time per page, and registration was also pretty quick.
Finally if you ask whats my take, then I would say, it has got a big catalog, and a name to bank upon, but as a website there is nothing which would get you hooked, and this is probably due to flawed mindset, which does not consider online shopping to be big. Yes I agree that Indian buyers are probably most fussy in the world but they don’t sue after finding something wrong. And if you think that this will make your job easier than let me tell you, no, it won’t, you wont realize and one day you would find even a single customer to log in. I would certainly be trying future bazaar in near future, but would also hope that they ring out something innovative to get their merchandise rolling before the big bad boy comes in.

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