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Toufee, aha! I was waiting for it.

Posted on October 26, 2006. Filed under: web services, Web Technology |

Toufee was covered by few blogs, and now its my turn. This toufee, is better than previous attemts by many players, because of its light weight nature. You can make flash based films with real ease, it means that you can make what youtube can make. And it recquires no special knowledge.
Technicaly its very sound, but astheticaly its not. They should take measure for it, and I think they will surely take them. Webservices of any kind is presently very hot, and is brimming with many players, so if one is planning to jump in, it should get both of sleeves right.
But hey… Whats the business model?
How are they going to keep it running.

I would suggest all you readers to give its simplicity a try. And do give them suggestions…thats the power of web.

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Stagr – Why is it not in India?

Posted on October 24, 2006. Filed under: Web Technology |

I first knew about it through Mashable. Peter Cashmore have covered it very nicely over there. Its in private beta, it means they are on for limited members. I have applied for beta tester. As of what I have read and on the basis of what I have seen as a promo, it seems nice. As I feel the other similar services were not providing enough coustom capablities. This one(what it seems now) is pretty good. I allways feel that things should not be just limited to web but should be seamlessly integrated to physical world, and and kind of transfer should be fast.

I would write more about it and more in later posts.

Info from Mashable : here

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Geek Squad…

Posted on October 22, 2006. Filed under: Web Technology |

From any technology to every technology

Thats our mission statement for now.

We are group of few ever learning students fluttering our wings in tech space.

Lets see, how high we can fly.

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